Passenger aboard diverted United flight tried to videotape crew, stole seats, saw guns

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Police released a detailed report about the incident aboard a United Airlines flight diverted to Memphis International Airport over the weekend.

Andrew Mangual was flying from Phoenix to New York, but changed planes in Houston.

On the second flight, he reportedly started acting suspiciously.

Mangual reportedly started hopping from seat to seat, even stealing the flight attendant's seat and saying, "It's dangerous if a gun goes off."

Retired Northwest Airlines Captain James Carney said the crew of United Flight 1435 worked together to quickly get this problem passenger handcuffed and on the ground

“They did it right,” said Carney.

Once on the ground, police searched him and found flammable liquid, a lighter, and gloves.

The report also said while the flight landed, the passenger "started to kick the bulkhead in response to a hallucination regarding a gun."

“There are certain words that trigger in crew members mind and TSA's mind that there is a concern” said John Greaud, VP of Airport Operations.

Airport Police searched the plane, evacuated the passengers, and took Mangual off to the hospital.

According to the report, Mangual wanted to kill himself and was worried firearms on the plane were pointed at him.

He appeared in Federal court Tuesday, and is being held without bond pending a review.


  • Don

    Andrew Mangual was flying from Phoenix to New York, but changed planes in Houston.

    This idiot went through 2 airports and wasn’t scanned. Someone is not doing their job. I doubt if I will ever fly again. Airport security isn’t much good anymore. the flight crew and passengers had to handle this problem.
    Good work, they probably saved a lot of lives. and should be rewarded.

    • blahblah

      What do you think they missed? Flammable liquid comes in many forms and small amounts wouldn’t be found. Lighters are allowed as are gloves. It does not say how much flammable liquid was found.

    • blahblah

      Also Don, if you don’t leave the gate area when you have connecting flights, then you are only scanned at the originating airport. I’m guessing you don’t/haven’t flow much.

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