Gun thieves hit same Memphis Walmart for third time this year

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — For the third time this year, a gun has been stolen from the same Walmart store in the Memphis area.

The latest theft happened May 28 just before 1 a.m. when two men walked into the Walmart located at 577 N. Germantown Parkway.

According to a police report, one man distracted an employee while the other broke the glass on a gun case.

The man took what is described by police as a Diamond Back DB-15 Assault rifle.

The gun was hidden under the man’s shirt and shorts according to police.

Both men reportedly ran toward Germantown Parkway.

There are vague descriptions of the two men, though one appeared to be wearing a GPS tracking ankle bracelet on his right leg.

The first theft at the store happened January 27 when two rifles were stolen.

Seven others were taken February 11.

Several people have been arrested for those earlier gun thefts.

Stolen were:

Colt M4 Carbine (3)

DPM Panther Arms A-5

Sigsauer 522

Bushmaster XM15-e2s

Sigsauer Sigm400

Data pix.


    • Joe Bo

      You are soo petite, you got some serious issues. Stolen weapons out of the same wal-mart x 3. All you care about is protecting the nra. You bout as dumb as 2 grams of salt.

      • Anonymous

        You are attacking him for an opinion, and you think he has issues? Nowhere did he state or even imply that his only concern was the NRA.

        Dumb as a specific amount of salt? Ha. I suggest that it is you that might suffer from diminished capacity.

      • Freedomwasawesome

        No dumb %^*. The problem is not a gun it’s the thugs stealing and or using them to commit crime. 6 million legal gun owners killed no one yesterday

    • Terrance Strohkirch

      I agree with you. Assault rifles have full auto fire and are for military use only. To own one you need a federal fire arms license.

      • Glock1886

        WOW, so your belief is that it would be smart to arm only the Cops(who consistently violate Americans Rights) The GOVT who spies on us and is debating using the US Military against us and has authorized under obozo the NDAA wich allows the GOVT to hold people FOREVER without council or a trial-YOU WNT TO GIVE THEM THE GUNS AND TAKE OURS AWAY?
        Are you stupid?

  • RAWR I'm Hungry

    Assault rifles… you got to be kidding me…. Next they are going to call dinner knives, decapitating assault devices.

  • Skeptic

    The first time, oops that wasn’t suppose to happen. The second time, maybe we need to rethink how to secure the guns to prevent this from happening. Third time, either secure them or fire your management/security department.. Walmart needs to get there act together.

  • Chris williams junior wears hi mamas underwear

    Apparently they need to do something differently.

    If one of the punks had a tracking bracelet on he should be ID’d pretty quick from the surveillance vids.

    • Chris Williams Junior

      I think you meant to say “HIS” mamas, not “HI” mamas… Wow you’re dumb!!

  • Ricky

    This is the democrat way of shopping. Find what ya like and abscond w/it. Praise Sheik Usama Bin Obama, the Phony-In-Chief.

      • luvbreamfishin'

        naw,,not really,,that rat-eared trick we have now STILL has the troops there while trading one of his own for 5 radicals.

    • sickofmemphis

      Yep. All democrats are black, muslim thieves. Just like all republicans are hood wearing, closeted homosexual angry old white men. You’re an idiot Ricky. As a doctor, I suggest you remove yourself from the gene pool.

      • ConcernedCitizen

        No. But all blacks in Memphis are Democrats. That alone is enough to make me vote for someone else.

      • Pam

        “No. But all blacks in Memphis are Democrats.”
        Can I introduce you to Andrew Clarksenior…

      • ConcernedCitizen

        Andrew Clark, Sr. is one. Great example. Let’s say there are 500. Now what about the other 400k + in the city limits? Nice try. Statistically, you’re still at 0, Mr. Einstein.

      • Glock1886

        ONLY thing that gives me some form of happiness is that they will use them on their own kind-so give them ammo and let em shoot each other up:)

  • Patti Ward

    You would think that after two times there would beefed up security in that area. I know that they probably have round the clock security. Maybe security should be posted in that department permanently. A no brainer.

    • canadianwhiskeygirl

      Is a no braIner at 1am. hardly a soul In any walmart who cares. very undoubtfully the dIstracted employee…excuse me…assocIate…thought maybe a nIght stocker dropped somethIng fragIle.(dont lIke new format. makes my lIttle I look lIke lIke lIttle L)

  • KT1128

    Why Walmart sell guns anyway. Should this sell take place at a gun store instead of a store that is not secured to sell weapons. I thought Wally World was a family store.

    • Pam

      What about selling guns is anti family? Hunting is one of my family’s best pastimes- me, husband, daughter and son.

      • KT1128

        No Pam there is nothing wrong with a family that hunts together, it’s just that guns should be sold at a gun store not Walmart. If you ever go to a gun store you will see the difference in security, all weapons are secured and all employees are armed. This store has been robbed 3 times and that is proof enough to say that guns should not be sold at a family store.

  • Gerrye O'Dell

    KT1128 I agree 100% with you. Walmart or any type of family store that sells guns is an easy target for the wrong people to get a hold of the guns.

  • Wake Up

    The employees set up the first one. The cabinet was “accidentally” unlocked several times… They didn’t fire them…

  • TB

    I think that its an inside job. Some employee is setting these thefts up… facilitating these somehow. I also think Walmart needs to beef up their physical security measures for firearms.

  • Bill

    I’m contacting WalMart today and asking them to close this store, enough is enough. It’s definately an inside job and WalMart is liable if someone is killed with one of these guns.

    • TB

      Closing an entire multimillion dollar Walmart is: A. probably not gonna happen. B. Would cause more economic damage and plain ole hardship to the surrounding area and residents that the stolen guns ever would. C. Cause the employees to lose their jobs, etc, etc.
      Walmart needs to do a thorough investigation into the matter and beef up the physical security in the firearms section.
      Guns are stolen every day in the U.S. Some of the stolen gun are even as frightening as the news media portrays them. The theft of a few plinking rifles with military looks is not the end of the world. Beef up security – YES! Shut down a Walmart due to 3 instances of theft of guns – NO!

    • Glock1886

      Wal-Mart is NOT liable if the Guns are used by thugs to kill thugs-the THUG who stole the GUN I liable:HES A FELON who should be locked up.
      Don’t punish the Good people for the actions of street animals.

  • yephislxcbxb

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  • Smarty Smart

    Knowing that this area of the store is a problem, why is the photo so out of focus? More and visible cameras and feedback monitors need to be in place with a sign stating that these are only the backup cameras. The thieves need to KNOW they are being recorded. Maybe an office space above this area behind mirrored glass as well as cameras would be a smart idea. But then, maybe they are only worried about the lost investment in the guns rather than the community who may now be dealing with armed criminals. Please keep the guns in the hands of smarter lawful citizens.

  • Glock1886

    After viewing the crime section of this news station its quite clear what your cities problem is………its WAYYYY to dark in that city

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