Parole denied again for woman who killed two kids in DUI crash

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A parole board has denied a Memphis woman’s parole quest, 12 years after she hit and killed two middle school students and seriously hurt a third.

Christina Morgan was drunk when she drove up on a sidewalk and hit the Southwind Middle School students, killing Edgar Akpotu and Malcolm Williams.

Last month, she asked a parole board to be let out of prison early.

In 2003, Morgan was sentenced to 22 years in prison after she made a plea bargain.

When asked to speak at the hearing, Christina Morgan said, “I want to apologize for my actions. When I was younger I lived a reckless lifestyle however throughout the years I’ve changed.”

Morgan’s friends spoke on her behalf saying prison was wearing on her mentally and she’d have a home and people to watch over her if she’s released.

This is the third time Morgan has been denied parole.

Deborah Jenkins, mother of Malcolm Williams, said she has had it with Morgan asking for parole, “Every time I come to the parole hearing I expect to see some remorse from Christina Morgan and each time she doesn’t know my son’s name and she killed my son.”

Morgan can seek parole again in two years.


  • Roock

    22 years is too good for her, she should have been Executed. Killing someone because you are drunk or high is intent to kill in my book.

  • tigerfan

    “Morgan’s friends spoke on her behalf saying prison was wearing on her mentally…..”
    Well i wonder how losing their sons has been wearing on those two families mentally?
    Everyone makes mistakes, yes, but you have to pay for them. And this was an enormous and tragic mistake for which she must continue to pay by serving the remainder of her sentence.

  • Marsha

    this should serve as a reminder to all the people in the Mid South who have gotten so used to drinking and driving.I bet you she had numerous DUI’s before she hit and killed is too precious kids. people like there’s always work to claim that they are so sorry. But its after the fact.she should have received at least 22 years for both of those children’s lives.if she took a plea deal, then that is what she should have to do. No exceptions.

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    seems lIke they all get sent to jaIl or prIson except fIremen and mpd. case In poInt the off duty fIreman who dIdnt get even an alcohol test after he hIt that vehIcle at walnut grove and kIlled that drIver. dIdnt surprIse me at all he got off scot free

    • blahblah

      Unfortunately all we can do is speculate that the fireman was drunk….we can all just speculate that chick in Mississippi as drunk when she dumped her “boyfriend” on the side of the road to get hit by a semi truck. It is fact that this person was drunk and killed 2 kids.

    • Hard Truths

      With uniforms come many remarkable privileges. We do NOT live under the rule of law unless police, firemen, ATF agents, and our other menacing “protectors” are not subject to treatment under the law like the rest of us receive.

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