Yet another inflatable blows away with children

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DENVER, Colo. –Two children were injured when an inflatable slide blew away.

A 10-year-old girl fell right away, but an 11-year-old boy clung to the inflatable as it tumbled another 200 or 300 feet.

A strong gust of wind carried the slide across a field and through a lacrosse tournament.

“We thought the girls were going to get taken out cause this thing’s massive.”

Witnesses looked on helplessly as the wind carried away the slide.

“As the wind picked up, it would tumble. Like a bag in the wind.”

Both children are recovering from minor injuries.

“All of a sudden, it picks up and there’s a girl going down the slide. She flies out about eight feet in the air.”

Airbound, the company operating the inflatable, says they followed all safety precautions, including having staff on site.

“We did have the inflatable properly staked to the ground. We do wish that we had been able to foresee the microburst wind and shut the ride down prior to this incident occurring.”

Last month, three children inside a bouncy house in New York were hurt when the inflatable blew away.


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