Gunman robs Tunica Casino

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Tunica, Miss. - Law enforcement officials in Tunica Co., MS are searching for the person who robbed a casino.

Deputies say the man robbed the Fitz Casino early this morning.

Sheriff's deputies are searching in the area around the casino for the suspect.

Investigators believe the same man attempted to rob Bally's Casino over the weekend.


    • Pam

      Well Bally’s and Fitz are owned by 2 different companies. Are you suggesting this guy works at both?

  • RAWR I'm Hungry

    This is the 3rd time this fine Memphis citizen has robbed a casino. The first time, back in March, and nothing was done about it. Good to hear he’s still out making that money for his family. He even got it tax free.

    I will never step foot in a casino in Tunica again. What’s with all the unarmed guards? What the hell are they going to do; look and stare? I’ll head to Southland.

    • Don

      Well, If he hits Suothland, the unarmed guards will sic bloodhound dog on him.
      It seems to me this might be an inside job. No telling how millions the Casinos will say they lost before they go under.
      They won’t get any help from anyone Memphis ghettos until they post a REWARD. Sit back and watch.

    • Pam

      I don’t think this is the same guy who hit Bally’s the first time, the photos from that one showed a more portly man. And this guy didn’t get a dime out of Bally’s last week. So it’s not like his little robbery business is profitable.

  • mr matt

    im getting a new job…this dude wore the same cloths and everything.he dresses like a blk robin thicke or something

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