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Police union president vents about city’s crime problem on Facebook

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The Memphis police union is stirring things up again, this time with postings venting about the city's crime problem.

That led to a back and forth on WREG between union president Michael Williams and city councilman Jim Strickland.

So, who came out on top in the exchange? The Informed Sources team discusses the situation.


  • Anonymous

    I think that Mike Williams is hurting the police department. It is a know fact that many of the citizens believe that the department is corrupt. No I am not saying that I agree with that but that is the way it is viewed. The police officers are contributing to the crime rate as well, by raping children, getting DUIs, violating people’s rights and all the other things they are doing. It is the responsibility of the police department to keep the city safe. If we need more officers, then take the officers that are assigned to clerical positions and put them on the street. Now for the police officers to continually say the streets aren’t safe, it leads me to believe that they aren’t doing their job, and all that they are doing is complaining. Mike Williams you are hurting the morale of your department. If all you do is cry victim it shows that you really don’t look at the big picture. Your union members are heavily influenced by you. No one feels sorry for MPD. I am a law abiding citizen and big supporter of the police but I think you And remember this, you are not forced to stay with the department. You volunteered to be an officer. What happened to taking pride in your work?
    Better training can help keep several officers and cars from responding to minor incidents. I have seen this happen too. Not only do they respond, but they stay on the scene and from what I see they are standing around talking to each other. Once the scene is under control, they should “get back in service” instead of riding the clock. That to me, shows laziness.

    • bambam84

      Half of the police do not do their jobs here. Those are the half that complain. Mr. Williams is stating the
      facts that the Mayor and Mr. Armstrong are trying to smother. That we have one of the worst crime rates in the nation. Period.
      And no, the percentage of cops that are contributing to the crime and complaining that the city isn’t doing anything about it do not need badges. PERIOD. When the majority of the police force put in work on major operations, nine times out of ten, it’s major “Traffic Enforcement Issues,” as those are the primate forms of income for the city and SUPPOSEDLY keeping the “officers,” as possible at the same time.
      They don’t want the city’s crime rate getting out because it makes the departmentlook bad, ergo, cutting out grants and funding.
      Why protect a police department that generally
      doesn’t protect it’s citizens? How many cops are looking for work elsewhere?
      But, you know. Memphis IS NOT turning to Detroit. At all. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

    • Hard Truths


      And — WHEN will the police realize that their attitude toward the public as well as toward their jobs is a big part of the problem?

      There will be no progress until the police recognize THEIR responsibility in this situation.

    • Jason

      And you sir should work for Wreg or on the City Council! You are another idiot who is completely uninformed. I have been on the MD for 21 years, and Mike Williams is the best thing that has ever kept this crazy, racist, power hungry leaders in check or at least questions them and didn’t steal MPA union dues or say “yes’ a boss” to the council or Mayor. Learn up on the history of the politicians you have been voting on, well that is if you’re not a felon, and the past history of the city and the MPA! Knowledge is powerful, which you folks lack!

  • Dq

    Crime rate is not going down. Anyone who believes that is just lying to themselves. Memphis doesn’t have enough police to make a dent in the problem. Until they have officers you can see each way you turn(NYC). Nothing will change.

    • Anonymous

      Until they have officers that take pride in what they do instead of complaining, nothing will change. If they are so short then why don’t those in clerical positions get back on the streets to help their fellow officers. Mike Williams can put his uniform back on. But when that was proposed, he cried foul and threatened to sue. I guarantee in the near future Mike will be running for office. Politics!

  • Slick

    Mike Williams is mistaken if he thinks his tactics are working. With each self-serving, self wounding statement he makes, he loses public support for the very department he works for. If you feel this negatively and strongly about your department, might I suggest you go elsewhere? You sound like a two-year old having a temper tantrum when you complain. Seriously, the rank and file membership needs it tell you when you are actually hurting them. I think you need to step down stop talking.

    You are truly an embarrassment.

  • John

    I was a Memphis COP from 2001 through 2010. I am not from there but I can tell you this, when you vote for liberal democrats exclusively for decades, you get what Memphis has. Your so called “city leaders” are only race baiting, self serving politicians that couldn’t care less about the citizens. What disturbed me the most is that the citizens continued to be loyal to them. Memphis is soon to be a combination of Chicago and Detroit. AC Wharton was a public defender and he has always hated law and order. He is the epitome of the victim. If he had his way, MPD would exist no more. I have many life long friends that risk their lives every day to protect the “not so deserving” citizens of Memphis. Memphis will end up in the scrap heap of history just like Detroit………………………..

    • laureen

      I agree, until it is realized that there are bad mixed in with the good on EVERY job the mpd will continually get labeled as corrupt. There are also many self serving politicians and until more citizens VOTE there will not be a change..

    • Jason

      Amen John! Wish I had left this sh!thole 19 years ago. Now I’m just waiting to finish my last 4 years and I’m out. If the Liberals could ever learn that only the Democrats do NOTHING but give handouts, which just keep the blacks in Memphis further dependant on the “gov’ment”! Instead of thinking for yourselves and being educated on the facts!

  • Anonymous

    DQ actually no I’m not stupid. That’s why I don’t fall for the victim role. I understand that paperwork has to be done. It does not mean that only officers can do it. I’m guessing you are one of the angry officers that’s doing clerical work.

      • Anonymous

        Then why call names? I’m not against the police. I support them! I just think that better management of what they have will solve some of the problems. Crime is going to happen but for the police to place ads and do commercials talking about how unsafe the city is, it makes me wonder if they believe in themselves. Maybe they don’t but I blame Williams for contributing to the low morale.

  • Kay

    Everyone blames everyone else,who is at fault,prob everyone. The politicians and the lawyers for sure and some police do complain all the time, they do need to find something else and some are lazy for sure, they will be that way at another job too and I have to agree if they don’t like the job, they can leave but some are good officers, most are, don’t classify them all as lazy bums, some work two jobs and have forever to provide for families,who do u call when things go wrong ,burglary,
    Robbery, car crash, support them, all are not bad. I appreciate what they do.

  • Ron York - Santa Fe, New Mexco

    I have worked as a consultant for police and fire unions for nearly fifty years. I have heard some crazy rants, but what Michael Williams said is right on the mark. Memphis, wake up before it’s too late. Crime is a cancer. Cut it out while you still can.

  • You know it's true

    Remember the melee that happened on the scene of the fatal stabbing last week? That melee was reported because it happened while reporters were still on the scene but they happen quite often and are usually not reported. That’s why the preservation of a crime scene in Memphis could require more officers than one a more civilized city. And Memphians, you know the ones, are ready to “keep it real” and throw down for anything; a stabbing, baby mamma drama, it doesn’t matter.

  • jboepro

    Lol I am not a police officer nor have I ever been employed by MPD so I dont know the solution and dont have the knowledge of the ins and outs of the department to be able to come to an educated statement on how to fix any issues but I have been in memphis all my life and there is a huge crime problem and something needs to be done.

  • Betsy warren

    I have read quite a few comments and maybe one too many. Yes, we are heading in the direction of Detroit. The government from the top is corrupt. Numbers are changed to sway you to their side. Mike does his job and does it well. WREG changes things to suit them. If I were nearby, I would be all over them about them changing the facts. Sorry WREG, you just lost my vote of confidence in your reporting skills! You want to talk, you come to me! As for a corrupt police dept., no, not everyone is corrupt! Armstrong is simply a politician. He is afraid to show the REAL data for fear of losing his job. He will show you what the Mayor wants you to see. The Mayor hired him and can easily FIRE him. He is straddling the line without falling on one side or the other. He wants to expose the truth but it would cost him his job, his pension, etc. now, back to corrupt police, well, you have the City Council to blame for that. They dropped the ball years ago in what was required for one to even enter police academy. They set the age limit at 18 and then add to that NO COLLEGE necessary. Now you got the thugs applying! So, you want to know where your corruption lies, it is with the thugs, who were hired! As for Officers being rapists, well, yeah! Sometimes when you drop the ball on the requirements to getting in, you end up recruiting the very people you are trying to put away in jail! They do make the rest of the force look bad, I agree! And we (the other good police officers) can’t tolerate them either! Did you know that when the mayor’s or a city council members relative or buddy gets pulled over for DUI or some other offense, their buddy in the high seat gets them off the hook with a phone call. Yep. Been through it and seen it. I have told my kids, if you do something stupid and end up in jail, you can expect to be there for a few days. I want them to grow up taking responsibility for their own actions. Momma’s not going to rush to your aid and give you a get out of jail free card. Life is not a monopoly game. You may choose to believe whatever you wish. You may disagree with me as much as you like, however, I only speak the truth. Truth hurts, but I am not sorry. ;) ~Betsy Warren

    • Anonymous

      Now Betsy, Not all of the officers that have gotten in trouble since the requirements have dropped. Some were on before. College does not make a good officer. You do know that there are some very educated thugs in our society right? If you are going to speak the truth the tell it all. I agree that not all officers are bad. I know some pretty good ones that love what they do. If we are heading in the direction of Detroit then the Police dept should take responsibility for it’s role instead of asking for the public’s sympathy. If Mike’s job is to make the department and the good officers look like they are throwing a pity party, then I guess he is doing his job. If I call correctly you are the wife of the officer was killed in the line of duty? Sorry for you loss! May God continue to strengthen you and your children.

  • TotallyDisappointed

    All thoses things the Mayor is saying is political hogwash. Keep peeping through his smoke screen,when it clears dont say you were not informed. You’ve been warned. #SMH

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