Memphis plans major roadway redo without public input

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- We learned this week that the city of Memphis plans a major change in downtown traffic patterns.

For the next 12 to 18 months, Riverside Drive will close the two southbound lanes along Tom Lee Park and dedicate them to pedestrians and cyclists.

That decision, however, was made with little, if any, public input.

The Informed Sources share what they think.


  • Skeptic

    What doesn’t make sense is there is a whole park there to could have a bike path and not screw up traffic. Oh hell just close down traffic on all streets in the downtown area and make it a pedestrian mall like the wonderful Main Street. Everyone is riding the trolley at full capacity everyday. Buses are filled so much that they have to keep adding routes. Tourists have all the hotel rooms book till 2016. All the stores are rented. One Commerce Square, Lincoln America Tower, and the Sterick building are at 100% capacity. And I believe in the Easter Bunny.

    • blahblah

      My commute is screwed up everyday because idiots on cell phones. Those people that don’t pay attention cause massive delays every day because they are selfish self absorbed a55hats. People on cell phones who cause accidents should lose their license and be fined $5,000 (at least). Planned lane closures are not that big of deal.. adjust your time accordingly.

  • Dr. JohnS

    Surely now, none of you really thought the city gave a rat’s butt as to what we think. They spend our tax money as though it was theirs and do not care what we think.

  • Daisy Day

    A very stupid idea. The city is inconveniencing thousands to allow a few to ride their bicycles and walk on Riverside Drive. Traffic is a nightmare during Memphis in May so the idiots in power decide we need to extend it. I’m sure those that want more lanes of traffic for bicycles and pedestrians will show up the first few weeks but like the other such paths in the city will be deserted 99% of the time. I’ve very rarely seen anyone using these paths throughout the city. We need more traffic lanes and more parking downtown, not less, if you want to keep up growth of this area.

  • Brooke

    This is a terrible idea. This is creating head-on traffic on a street that cars travel at high speeds. It will discourage people from coming downtown because of the perception that traffic is heavy. I cannot imagine that Bass Pro will be excited about making traffic flow much slower and irritating. There already is a large park that can be used for this purpose, so I cannot imagine why pedestrians and bikers would want to be in the street when they already have a place for that. The city needs to be investigating ways to keep the Tennessee Brewery up and running. That is an authentic space that has proven to be close to the heart of Memphians. It has been packed, standing room only, every weekend since Untapped opened. We need more gathering spaces like this downtown. The other bad idea is to charge for parking. Why do cities insist on making it harder and more expensive to go downtown?

    • wallace

      Your tax money, How about my retirement money he is spending and future retires money, AC just spends, spends there is no end.

  • kevin

    The reason why they didn’t ask the public is because within the public you have these stupid blow-hards that think they know everything. Just look at some of the comments left by these wanna-be smart dummies. They stop asking for the public’s opinion on most of this stuff

    • blahblah

      Right Kevin, because the general public who keep electing these people are SOOOOO much smarter. LOL

  • Don

    I would think that Riverside needs to be left alone. and put a bike trail beside it, if it really needed.

  • Leeboy

    Typical Memphis politics. Who is asking for bike lanes all over the city anyway? Just look at the mess created on Millbranch Road in Whitehaven. Another reason to stay away from downtown, not a reason to go downtown! City leaders are asleep at the controls. People should always have input into major changes affecting them. Sometimes you need the valuable input from those opposed to sudden changes.

    • blahblah

      You cannot please everyone. There will always be opposition…there will always be inconvenienced people. That’s just part of life, everyone needs to stop thinking they are more important than the next person.

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