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Robber tries to hold up Tunica casino

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

TUNICA COUNTY, Miss. -- Tunica County deputies are looking for a man who tried to rob Bally's Casino early Saturday morning.

Surveillance video showed an African-American man wearing a black and white warm-up suit entering the casino, going to the cage cashier, and demanding money.

While at the cage, he showed the cashier a gun.

At some point, the gun went off inside the casino, but no one was hurt.

This is still an ongoing investigation.

If you can help identify the suspect, call Tunica Crime Stoppers at 662-910-0400.


  • TheTruth

    Nothing but worthless low life thugs that rather rob and harm innocent people instead of making an honest living like the rest of us.

  • johnny dee

    i agree with the first two replies,but don’t try to make me feel sorry for the casino,they comit robbery every day.

    • truthsuredoeshurt

      um no one is forced to spend money at a casino. Just because they didnt have enough sense to keep their broke butts out of there to begin with is not the casinos fault but rather POOR CHOICE on people who go there. A casino is a business and only allows adults-WHO CHOOSE TO GO THERE and spend money. They don’t rob anyone.

      • 1midtownmike

        Johnny Dee has a point. The payment in lieu of taxes programs that went to corporate America are a bust. The taxpayers pick up the tab. You and me were screwed.

  • jennie Montague

    I was there! the richoceted bullet hit someone, ambulance took someone out!!! stuck there until 3am happened about 15 til 1am to 1:15am. Ppl scattered, and if Bally’s had let us know what was going on, then we could have hit the ground & he would have been the only one running & got caught!!! Bally’s handled it all wrong!!! Never going back!!!!!

  • Chris Williams Junior

    How the he11 do u rob a casino!?? It’s not like the cashier is right by the door! Where were the security guards!???

  • truthsuredoeshurt

    If they keep this up, the casinos will leave too. They need to get a handle on this crime problem and do it the right way, stop molly coddling these sensitive types and put some boots on necks. Its the only way.

    • kingo

      I sure hope they leave. They are a blight on the area and even though it is a free choice to go there they are gaudy places where folks can go and pretend they are big shots when they are not. Just another loser’s pastime.

      • Anotherbitoftruth

        A blight you say? There WAS NOTHING THERE before they came. Now that part of the area is booming. If the casinos leave all that will follow eventually and it will be cotton fields and highway again.

        If I recall, revenue from those casinos built a school or 2, and also allowed residents to not pay for some utilities as they were offset by the revenue. The mind boggles at people who think they should leave.

        What needs to leave and fast is CRIME. Any way any how. It needs to be clamped down upon and on those who are primarily causing it. Don’t let a good thing go to waste!

  • Visitor

    My wife and I were there as well. The shot rang out, and when people realized it was a gunshot, all heck began to break loose, with lots of folks running for the doors. My wife got knocked down and ran into by several people, and she wound up with bruises and some strained muscles. Like the poster up above, I also wasn’t too impressed by how Ballys handled things. Probably won’t be going back either.

  • A Law abidding Born again Christian.

    Casinos are built for people to have fun giving their money away.

  • lynda

    Just looking at the pic from the first robbery a few months ago at ballys. And I swear they look like the same person to me. Google ballys tunica robbery and see for yourself.

    • Don

      Bally’s Casino in Tunica robbed!
      They have been robbing the public for years now, so I guess this is fair play. They didn’t give away the free booze for nothing.

  • gary

    Looks like the african american population can’t survive unless they are in prison ,seems that is what most of them are trying to accomplish . Lots of good african americans but seems like most of them have a self destruct mentality.

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