Why this woman put domestic violence selfies on Facebook

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TIPTON COUNTY, Tenn. -- A Tipton County woman has suddenly become the face of domestic violence in the Mid-South after posting graphic images of herself on Facebook.

Angela Brower is now talking about what happened to her, and said she's ready to be the voice of abused women who are too afraid to speak up.

"I just want these women to get away. I want them to stop letting these men do this to them," said Brower.

Brower said her boyfriend attacked her inside her home after she told him to move out.

She said he kicked in her television and punched a hole in her wall right after he beat her.

"One punch! After that, I couldn't see what was going on," said Brower.

Thursday,  Brower had to have a metal ring put around her eye and a plate put in her nose.

She admits it wasn't the first time her boyfriend hurt her, but says she no longer wants to hide and wants other women to know that no one deserves to be treated like that.

"I've had a friend of mine die from this . You know, that's hard," said Brower.

Her boyfriend, Walter Frank Bradley, had been charged with aggravated assault and is being held in the Tipton County Jail on $20,000 bond.

Brower says she's already received messages on Facebook from women asking for her help.

She says if she saves just one life, then she's done her part.

"I would like to save as many as possible," said Brower.

Brower has set up a GoFundMe page to help with medical expenses that won't be covered by insurance.

If your or someone you know needs help getting out of an abusive relationship, call the Family Safety Center at (901) 222-4400.


  • Erinn Sluka

    I don’t know if everyone realizes how brave she is to post this. I am a Domestic Violence survivor myself and it took me 10 years to even talk about the abuse. I still don’t like to and I talk through writing and published my story last week. It is a tough fall of emotions to leave and share that lifestyle with others. However, it is so important. As much as the topic still hurts all of these years later, I wrote my book for this same reason. Those of us that survive are blessed and we need to be the voice of those who did not. Leaving such a relationship is so dangerous, but sometimes staying is even more dangerous. I knew if I did not escape, my abuse would end in death so I ran. The worst outcome from leaving for me was failing to have the courage and spending one more day in hell with my abuser. Thank you, Angela for sharing and being a voice. We need to not be afraid to talk about DV! http://www.amazon.com/Erinn-Sluka/e/B00KGHQ72M

    Read more: http://q13fox.com/2014/06/01/does-this-look-like-love-woman-posts-shocking-photos-to-raise-awareness-about-domestic-violence/#ixzz33QdVWh96

  • Joe Bo

    Wonder if there is a Tipton Co. up north, east, or maybe out west. Everyone knows crime only exist in Shelby Co.

  • Joe Bo

    Don’t know the extent of her injuries, but she trying to use this a fundraising drive for her own self. The State of Tennessee has a victim’s compensation fund. All she has to do is apply. As long as she assist the DA in his prosecution, she will get paid.

  • Joe Bo

    Starting to detect a pattern here I guess for whites, justice is truly blind. For whawhatever reason, they cannot see white on white crime. If this was a Black Woman, the hicks would be using all 75 words in their vocabulary to express outrage at both the perpertrator and the victim. However, as in often the case, all I here is crickits. Lol

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