Why are strings attatched to rape kit testing grant?

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The Plough Foundation is offering $750,000 for testing rape kits in Memphis, but there is a nearly $4 million catch.

That's how much the city must raise before getting the cash.

"Whatever assistance we can get is greatly appreciated and needed," Councilwoman Wanda Halbert said.

Friday, Memphis was celebrating the donation from the Plough Foundation, even if it may take a while to get the money.

The city needs $6.5 million to test 12,000 rape kits that sat around for decades.

The city has already raised $2 million, and the Plough Foundation is offering this new challenge.

Councilwoman Halbert admits the completing the challenge may be tough.

"To have a requirement to meet a $4 million match for $750,000 that would appear to be a great challenge for the city of Memphis," she said.

It's welcome news to women like Meaghan Ybos.

She was attacked by a serial rapist, and her kit was one of thousands that sat on police shelves.

Ybos said she is glad there are strings attached to the cash because it puts pressure on police and the city.

"Because this is a law enforcement task. Law enforcement is one of the core functions of government. So of course Memphis is on the hook for paying for it's law enforcement," Ybos said.

While the Plough Foundation did not want to go on camera, that is the same reason it gave about the stipulations.


  • Toni Mabry

    Are we living in Memphis or some 3rd world country where women aren’t allowed the same justice as men? We have to earn the money for justice whereas men are allowed prosecution without question. This is a civil rights issue, just like any other civil rights issue, but I don’t see anyone marching in the streets to see that these rape kits are tested. Now I understand why the Civil Rights museum has those pictures of people marching with the “I AM A MAN” sign. A woman’s rights aren’t that important in the eyes of the Memphis justice system–and by his comment–the mayor, either.

  • WregCensors

    I wrote a logical reply but this website won’t let me post it. 10 minutes of my life wasted. I give up. If you want real conversation you will have to come over to a website like memphis.reddit.com where real discussion is encouraged.

  • Joe

    Who lost their job over this incompetence … Nobody.. Politics as usual.. Kicking the can down the road.


  • smith

    Why strings…. If not the money would go into Wharton pocket or some other politician. Has to be string now with all the crooks in government we have in Memphis.

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