Woman posts shocking pictures to Facebook to raise awareness about domestic violence

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A Tipton County woman has turned to social media to raise awareness about domestic violence.

Angela Brower is doing it in a shocking way.

She's posting pictures of her injuries on Facebook.

Brower underwent surgery in Memphis Thursday to repair a crushed eye socket and broken nose, and even posted a photo of herself online before being wheeled into the operating room.

"She is lucky to be alive," said Jason Brower.

Jason said two days after his ex-wife was attacked by her boyfriend, she decided to post pictures of herself on Facebook to let other women know what happened to her, and that it wasn't OK.

She's also been posting messages to abused women.

She's hoping it will get others to talk about domestic violence and convince women to get out of abusive relationships.

"She finally came to the realization that it's time for women to start standing up and not being scared," said Jason.

Brower has also set up this gofundme page to help cover medical expenses not covered by insurance.

To donate click here.

Her former boyfriend, Walter Frank Bradley, is locked up in the Tipton County Jail on a charge of aggravated assault.


  • Cara

    Domestic violence is not a race. Its idiots trying to control someone else like an obedient dog. Realize this is not a race concept and we need to treat the criminal man or woman as a criminal. The bond also neefs to be raised much higher as well as it being only a cash bond!

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    no, sorry!!! there are.defInItely men out there who physIcally abuse theIr woman every day bc thats how they saw theIr own dad treat theIr mother. I was a vIctIm myself back In early 90s. I fInally got rId of hIm 3 yrs later bc he fInally got.sent to prIson for runnIng too many doctors for all kInds of narcotIcs.

  • rebecca


  • Kay

    Pretty horrific she shiould haves hot hi onetime in the head now the taxpayers have to support his sorry butt, she will never recover from the mental injuries,good luck and hope you recover soon.

  • Realist

    Let’s get a follow up story on her in about a month and you’ll more than likely find she’s back with this loser. Many women are just attracted to that bad boy personalty and will not stay with a man that treats them nice. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it sure seems that way from what I see more often lately. I’ve personally known women that would not leave a relationship like this for whatever reason but it was not because they weren’t free to just walk away.

  • ChrislikesCockGoo&packinfudge

    Hopefully for the lady on here heals back to normals and stays away from the abuser. There are other men who will appreciate you.

  • Milly

    Hey idiots….btw – his name is NOT Thomas – the name of the pos that did this is in the clip and the story that follows in the PRINT – WALTER FRANK BRADLEY!! Before you get on here blabbing your fat mouth about something you know nothing about get your facts straight. It’s really kind of ridiculous and you people must not have a life because you are sitting here commenting on a story that you obviously did not even take the time to pay attention to the information given. How can anyone even take you serious with a user name like that? Grow some and use your real names if you are going to make comments about a serious matter! Go play in the street losers!

  • Survivor of Abuse

    Domestic violence must stop!!! I too was a victim and almost didn’t live to tell my tale. What people must know is that there is a cycle of control and isolation from family/friends that occurs. That is why the abusers get away with their actions and sadly most women go back to them. I am so proud of this woman for taking a stand on this issue!!!! Wishing you a speedy recovery Hun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lauren

      Yeah she is right you sack of shit. That’s my dad you wrongfully stated as her attacker. Go back to school and learn how to read before you run that mouth of yours.

  • jeremy

    wow…some people just shouldn’t be allowed to post on here.I get so tired of scrolling and seeing chris and all his goons in every comment section on the site. Do yall get off on getting on here spewing hatred? I swear you go to bed thinking of racist, hateful comments. Oh and I am white.

  • friend

    Someone needs to monitor these comments. This is crazy and very childish!!!! Stick to the story when you comment here. Praying for you Angela!!

    • imwithstooopid

      These same trolls argue over every story posted here. You just have to ignore them; it’s the same group of 5 or 6 every time.
      They call each other racists, ignorant, etc ad nauseum and the funny think is they’re all correct – they are ALL exactly those things.
      They’ll eventually go away once WREG links to non-anonymous IDs or we figure out how to remotely gag people who act like 10-year-olds in a slap-fight.

  • Clotus Jones

    There’s two sides to every story. Maybe she hit him first or threatened him with a knife and he defended himself. I can tell she’s an attention-pig/drama queen. She may very have caused this whole thing. I’ve seen women do this before. Most women lack reason and accountability.

  • Patty Mae

    It would be a sad thing indeed if she brings this awareness in such a profound way, and receive the compassion of the people just to take him back, I hope this stays a message of hope and empowerment for all. Wishing the best for this courageous woman

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