Man killed while walking on Highway 78

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Miss. — Authorities in North Mississippi are investigating the tragic death of a man who was hit and killed by a tractor-trailer this week.

It happened on Highway 78 in Marshall County.

Facebook pictures of Jessica Thrasher and Gary Hood show a couple who appear happy and in love.

It makes the tragedy on Highway 78 even harder to comprehend.

Investigators tell us Thrasher and Hood were on their way back to Union County after a trip to Memphis.

We’re told the two got into an argument near the West Holly Springs exit in Marshall County, and Thrasher made Hood get out of the car.

After he did, he was standing on Highway 78 when he was hit and killed by an 18-wheeler.

Since it was an accident, the truck driver was not charged.

Investigators in Marshall County and Union County talked to Thrasher about how Hood ended up walking on Highway 78.

They found her car was damaged, but News Channel 3 was told Thursday, the  damage is not consistent with a person being struck by the vehicle.

Thrasher has not been charged with any crime.

Thursday, Jessica’s mother would only say Hood’s death is a tragedy and her daughter is taking it very hard.

Jessica later called and told us Gary was an organ donor and saved seven lives, including donating his heart to someone on a transplant waiting list.


    • blahblah

      This is news and we all know everything they say in a news story to be true. Something you want to add?

  • Lisa Malone McKnight

    Unless some comments have been deleted, I don’t see where anyone has said anything negative about her. I can understand why she might feel guilty over the whole thing but the truth is that she must have had a good reason to want him out of her vehicle. Just because she didn’t want him in the vehicle with her doesn’t mean it is her fault that he got hit by a truck.

  • Sarah

    I’m very disappoint in how the this story was betrayed. It’s sad that such a sad tradgy has been turn into the blame game. I have never seen two ppl more in love. Like stated before “unless you know the truth about all the ppl involved” then don’t pass judgement on anyone. Accidents happen and instead of informing ppl of how important it is to stay off the side of the hwy and making this a lesson learned we point fingers at someone to blame. Just breaks my heart. I will be praying for both Gary’s family and Jessica that they find the comfort they need to get through this tradgy .

    • Joe Bo

      That may be true, she could have taken the next exit, and asked the Young Man to get out of her vehicle. Espiceally if she was in fear of her own safety, because she could have asked for help. Sadd, I feel for both families, but to say that the young Lady’s decision did not contribute to his death is just not reality.

  • Trinity Davis

    Ima pray for u n ask to forgive u for tht cold comment u jus posted!!! Who r u to judge??? U obviously didn’t kno a dang thing about him!!!! Ur best bet is to keep ur comments ta urself!!!!!!!

  • Jacky smith

    I didn’t mean for it to be a cold comment I’m sorry about that. But I got into an fight with my ex an she was driving an I got out an walked over 10 miles I made it home what I was tryin to say is she has to live with what she did I feel sorry for the Hood family. They are good people !!! I’m sorry for the loss of their son

  • anonymous

    The couple had been @ a bar in Memphis called the
    Rock House memphis on summer avenue with her dad both were drinking . What ever the differences they had , she could have put him out @ a store or @ least took him to his family’s. She has been known for that , only this time it cost a humanbean his life. My prayers go out to the hood family. She needs to pay for her actions and be more responsible as a adult and a humanbean, This was a persons life not to mention a child of someone’s , a father. I feel so sorry for his daughter and family! May the lord be with you thru theses hard times.

  • mcphail0709

    This is Jessica thrasher Broussard sorry for all of your losses and I’ll be praying for each of u

    • ???

      So you say this is Jessica Thrasher Brossard ? What’s mcphail0709 mean? That another married name? If so get crazy with it… Your Jessica Thrasher, McPhail, Brossard … Which was still seeing your husband Brossard while Gary was living with you. Ok. Let’s just clear that up.

  • Carrie Thrasher

    Im Jessica mom ..over half these comments are wrong my child was not smiling when she saw the family. She was. Crying….she loved Gary ….still does.. dhe didnt need his money she was helping him get a new truck….they showered eac other with gifts an flowers …this is such a tragedy. so heart broken for Gary and his family. .I loved him like a son …I spent many nights with Jess and Gary and of course triston and maddie would be there ..they were all in love …they could stand being away from each other … I loved them both . Jessica is. loving person …a great mom with a kind and loving heart…she is not what these people on here saying. ….they are just hurting. ….and I pray every day for Gods comfort……

    • mcphail0709

      Sorry for your loss as well but blaming me won’t bring him back homer his life and remember he saved seven other peoples lives he was a great man and it’s traffic what happened but I did not put Gary on the side of the road he is a grown man I couldn’t put Gary anywhere if I wanted to what woman can physically make a man do something he doesn’t want to do that’s just ridiculous

      • Ohyeah

        Truth always comes out. You may think you are in the clear for awhile, but truth always comes out. In this case I’m sure it’s going to be some kind of craziness. This girl lives to have drama in her life and lives to start drama in everyone else’s life. If you think she your friend or even if you are related to her, get ready she has talked trash about you or she is going to! Stay far away from her as possible. Everyone knows she starts trouble and runs from it afterwards.

  • mcphail0709

    This is just no truth to it at all and Gary wouldn’t appreciate it either why is it so hard to honer Gary’s memory and do what he would have wanted ill pray for u that u find the peace that I have and that peace comes from having known Gary and having Gary love me as much as he did

  • mcphail0709

    As to this I say May god bless u and u find peace as well because that’s what Gary would have wanted don’t turn this into something negative focus on the positive he saved lives and mad everyone’s world a better place u know Gary wouldn’t want any hate or hurt brought about because of him passing

  • mcphail0709

    I understand everyone is grieving and all of this is inconceivable to me because if u really knew Gary u know he wouldn’t want this he would want to be celebrated not causing everyone to turn against one another I hope u all find it in your hearts to carry out what Gary would have wanted I can’t stress that enough I love u Gary Hood we a team

    • LBS

      You always have wanted attention. You always talk bs about Gary Hood behind his back and used him, you did the same to Mike B, done the same to McPhail. Even talk bs about you mom, dad and brother. Every since you was a teenager. Don’t think you fooling anyone. You need to straighten up your act ! Get help! Stop drinking! Praying for this family and you !

      • Lookingout

        Wow, someone hit the nail on the head! LBS you know her very well! As I’m sure as anyone else that knows her knows she DRAMMMMMMA!

      • Sharia

        Girl always been full of drama and don’t care who she hurts. She will make a deal with the devil and pray to God at the same time.

  • concernedfriend

    I think we should all donate money and start a fund to hire a good lawer because jessica thrasher is definitely guilty of manslaughter!!!! She coulda pulled over and called someone if she felt shr was in danger or atleast dropoed him off somewhere safe and called his family!!! We should make sure she is helf accountable for her bad choice!!!! Its a fact that he wouldn’t have been hit and killed had she not put him out!!! Its 100% her fault!!!

    • mcphail0709

      Concerned friend I’m so sorry you are hurting and feel that way may god heal your heart and comfort u in your time of need I have already been under investigation by some great police officers and because of their hard work and dedication and I converting the truth I will not be charged with any crime because no crime was committed but I just wanted u to know that to help ease your mind to know that law enforcement did their job to the fullest May Gary rest in peace and I’ll be praying for u I love you and I don’t even know unit because I know u loved u loved Gary I know he would want me to love you too

  • ....

    We can tell that this girl Jessica loves attention. She should be praying for God to have mercy on her instead of on here with a comment every hour. WHO SETS A PERSON OUT ON THE SIDE OF A MAIN HIGHWAY! DRUNK OR NOT! IF SHE WAS DRINKING SHE SHOULD REALLY GET IN TROUBLE! LAST TIME I CHECK ITS AGAIST THE LAW FOR YOU TO DRINK AND DRIVE! IT WORRIES ME TO KNOW MY CHILDREN ARE GROWING UP IN A WORLD WHERE SOMEONE LIKE THIS DON’T EVER GET A SOME KIND OF PUNISHMENT! I HOPE AND PRAY FOR HER SOUL! SHE DON’T EVEN SHOW REMORES ON HERE AT ALL! I would be ashamed to be seen or talk on here at all! After knowing I set someone out on the road and they was killed bc of her foolishness. So so so sad. When I seen this on tv I was in shock someone can have such a large part in a death and also the driver be drunk! And ofcourse this young man got out of the car if was intoxicated, of course he did. She even said she made him get out! Why on a highway? Is it so hard to take the exit and go to a station or a parking lot? I don’t know either of these people but she should take responsibility and at least admit she was wrong! She knows she is is wrong. I am praying tonight my children never do something so careless. Praying for this family that has lost a child, a brother and etc. Praying for this young lady that God helps her come to a understanding Its never right to drink and drive, praying for her family they have peace and pray she has peace. Praying she never ever gets in a car drinking again.

    • mcphail0709

      I wasn’t drinking and driving and angsin sorry for your loss Gary will be greatly missed a wonderful guy who loves me very much I wish everyon would take the attention off me and celebrate Gary’s life and Gary was never put on the side of the road the news station has been made aware of that Gary is a hero I can’t help the public focuses more on me than celebrating the life of such a loving giving kind person it’s very sad

      • shelia

        All I have to say is she says she was not drinking and she was not driving then there had to be someone else with them cause dad said he was behind did her vehicle get home if she did not drive it..I know law can’t believe her story with all these lies I am just a peaon and I see all these lies they have been trained to know … Justice for Gary Hood ..RIP

  • Hurtandpissed

    She needs to be punished for what she did I got a good bit of money and will try to get justice! I know gary very well 6 yrs to be exact he’s a loving wonderful man! And she’s a attention seekin heifer! And I’m sure if Gary knew u would do that to him he would not of been with u! He should have staye away from her one of the times they broke up ands he got back with her husband! How in the world do u have a heart to put someone u supposedly “love” out on the highway! No matter how mad she was at him she shoulda let him out at a gas station or some where safer! God will judge her for what she did! And karmas a b****! So this whole poor pitiful me thing needs to stop you not good at it

    • mcphail0709

      Again Gary was never put on the side of the road and investigation has been done and closed against me I would tell everything to the public but I want Gary to be remember for the person he was not for who he was that night and I wish people would respect that

      • Crazy mess

        He was never put on the side of the road,, how the heck did he get there?? Girl you need serious mental help and you should be getting that help behind bars.

      • Alex

        I was just told there is still and open investigation. Some real truth has come out about it. You can rest assure this isn’t over for that girl. She will be facing judgement. God have mercy on her soul.

      • Alex

        You yourself told you put him out on the side of the road. Do you not remember ? Also no there is still an open investigation. Get your facts of your lie right.
        How in the world can you get on here and change your story 5 times??

      • if only

        Gary will be remembered for the man he was not for what you may say that he was. When the true story is finally revealed the public will then know exactly what happened and the type of person you are. All I can say to you is may God have mercy on your soul!

      • Sandra

        I want to know just why? Just want to know why? Why would someone ever put a intoxicated person on the side of a main highway? That makes it even sound like she was trying to get him hit. I mean come on?!

  • Hurtandpissed

    And another thing I don’t pray for peace for her I pray for peace for his friends and family that he actually meant something to this b**** can burn for all I care!

  • anonymous

    What dad party’s and drinks with his daughter all the time and then lets her get behind the wheel driving especially from a bar in memphis. This is such a tragedy. Word of advice that’s all hanging out in bars , and drinking leads to nothin but trouble.

  • anonymous

    My heart goes out to the hood family . I can’t even imagine me having to ever go through that tragedy and the way it all happened. May the lord be with the family and comfort them . This is something Jessica will have to live with the rest of her life, what she should have or could have done different.

    • mcphail0709

      Again I’m sorry for everyone loss and out of respect for Gary I have only said what happened to law enforcement and again I was not driving nor was I drinking

  • Latisha

    People these days need to get a life!!! The way you all talk you would think ya`ll was in the car!!!! All this praying very body is talking about…..yea we need to pray alright!!!!! MOST of all lets pray for both of the family’s and what they are going through!! Lets pray for all the nosey people that need to mind there own business and shut up…..ya`ll are just messy!!!

  • anonymous

    There’s lots of holes in the story & things that don’t add up. In this news report it says she put him out, she says she didn’t. It also said they had a son but has been removed bc that wrong .gary has a daughter from a previous realtionship. I’m thinkin garys family didn’t give this report. Something else that’s odd is there’s damage to the car but not consitant with someone being struck?!? Nobody knows what really happened between memphis & holly springs but from the looks of it they were havin a good time & nothin seemed to be wrong. I really think its BS when she says she wasn’t driving nor drinking! Come on now yall were at a bar! & if she wasn’t driving then why was she letting him drive? Even if he was being mean while they were arguing & she felt like she was in danger then she shouldve called his family to meet them to get him or she shouldve stopped in holly springs at a public place so he could call someone. I don’t care who u are u don’t leave someone on the bypass in the middle of the night! Even if they got out theirself, u try to get them back in & eventually they will. This is a sad tragedy that happened that very well couldve been prevented. Like I said no one knows what really happened except her, gary & the good lord gary is gone so that leaves her & that don’t mean she’s tellin the truth bc he’s not here to ask. There’s always 2 sides & the truth to every story. She will have to live with the choices she made & the guilt of that night. I pray for God to comfort & strength for garys family as they lay him to rest. His family wants answers & I pray she finds In her heart to tell them the truth they deserve that much. God bless all those affected by this tragedy!

    • Alex

      Yeah I noticed that. Have you ever seen someone so caught up in themselves. She is a danger to herself and others the way it looks. She should check into a facility of some kind if she doesn’t get arrested first. It will prob help her when she goes to trial.

  • mcphail0709

    His family has all the answers I have talked to them and police numerous times and the only people giving me attention is everyone on here

  • shelia

    This should go before grand jury.. My husband and I have argued going down the road but never once have we put the other out. Sad a family has to go thru lies when their child is dead.. Maybe her and father should both go before grand jury.. Praying for the Hood family and his daughter … Truth will come out .. One time she put him out next she didn’t .. Its either or can’t be both

  • mcphail0709

    I’m sorry that I have all the answers and u guys don’t I don’t need you the public to have the answers I’m not saying anything because I don’t want Gary to be remembered from one night celebrate his life not his death that’s what he would have wanted

  • mcphail0709

    I have never said I out Gary out so I don’t know where that information is coming from sorry the news misinformed u they never spoke with me so I don’t know where that came from

  • mcphail0709

    I’m trying to give all the answers and information I can without tarnishing Gary’s memory and I wish people would just respect that I’m not talking about what happened to protect him and his memory not me

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