Man killed while walking on Highway 78

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Miss. — Authorities in North Mississippi are investigating the tragic death of a man who was hit and killed by a tractor-trailer this week.

It happened on Highway 78 in Marshall County.

Facebook pictures of Jessica Thrasher and Gary Hood show a couple who appear happy and in love.

It makes the tragedy on Highway 78 even harder to comprehend.

Investigators tell us Thrasher and Hood were on their way back to Union County after a trip to Memphis.

We’re told the two got into an argument near the West Holly Springs exit in Marshall County, and Thrasher made Hood get out of the car.

After he did, he was standing on Highway 78 when he was hit and killed by an 18-wheeler.

Since it was an accident, the truck driver was not charged.

Investigators in Marshall County and Union County talked to Thrasher about how Hood ended up walking on Highway 78.

They found her car was damaged, but News Channel 3 was told Thursday, the  damage is not consistent with a person being struck by the vehicle.

Thrasher has not been charged with any crime.

Thursday, Jessica’s mother would only say Hood’s death is a tragedy and her daughter is taking it very hard.

Jessica later called and told us Gary was an organ donor and saved seven lives, including donating his heart to someone on a transplant waiting list.


  • mcphail0709

    That was very well said and I’m defending anything because there is nothing to defend I don’t know why people say the family doesn’t have answers because they have been told what happened and I have let everyone know I will not reveal publicly what happened out if repsoect for Gary and his family telling the public what happened would be the easy way out would givete answers needed to understand that it wasn’t my fault but I’m not doing that I’m not thinking if myself I’m thinking if Gary and how he would want to be remembered and this is the last post I will make about it

    • Joe Bo

      Actually the above statement makes it sound like Gary was some sort of perpertrator, since you have such a strong desire to protect his image from the public. You should Quite While You are Behind.

  • M

    I’m sorry if that came off as me accusing you of not already giving them those answers. If you have, thank you and God bless. If not, please find it in your heart to do so so they can start on the long, hard journey of closure. My only point was that you’re the only one with the answers they need. Again, I’m sorry if I offended you.
    I pray for peace for all involved.

  • Serita

    SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS!!!!! Wats wrong with you?? Tarnish Gary?? U will nvr do that cs the only thing he’s guilty of is loving with his whole heart and soul and paying the ultimate price!!! I know Smone that loved him the same as he loved!!! She loved him so much that she let him go and gave him space to figure hiself out cs,she knew one day he would be bk and now she has lost her everything over a senseless tragedy that could’ve been avoided and Gary would’ve still been here!!! His parents hv lost a son,his siblings a brother,his daughter ,her dad ,neice/nephew an uncle ,grandson and his friends,a one of a kind friend!!!! You say one minute u put him out and the next ,u didn’t and u were than weren’t driving!!! Was there a 3rd person in that car that night!!???? Gary couldve been taken to a safe place!!! U could’ve called his parents,sister,brother,
    friends,he has many,even the law!!! Even if u did or didnt put him out or got out on his own,either way,if u loved him ,truly loved him u wouldve made a call and stayed by his side til smone got there!!!!! I dont know u but,i did Gary and this was so out of his character and only u know wat happened that night and Ur choice that night to leave him on the side of the road is ultimately wat took Gary’s life!!!! NOT TRAFFIC ,as u stated!!! He would’ve never left u behind!!! May God Bless his family and may he give them the strength to keep on keeping on until they get the answers ,with their Angel by their side every step of the way!!!!
    We love you
    Gary Hood!!!!!!!!

    • Joe Bo

      Unless he dove out a moving car. Even if a driver is asked to put the passangers riding in a motorvehicle safety at risk, that is no defense. If if he asked to be put out.

  • Tired of the mud slingin

    All you people slinging hate and blame, that say you knew Gary, obviously didn’t. Shame on all of you. It’s so easy to say you should have done this and you should have done that…..if you weren’t there, how in the heck would you know. Give Gary the respect he deserves and leave Jess alone. That’s what he would have wanted. He certainly wouldn’t have wanted Jess attacked as has been happening in here. He obviously was loved by many, including Jess and her family. And he OBVIOUSLY loves Jess. All the blame and hurtful words won’t bring him back. Leave Gary’s daughter loving thoughts, not all the garbage you people are leaving in here. She deserves better from you, and so does Jess.

  • Crazy mess

    Are you insane?? You talk like he died of health reasons. The end result of you putting him out was his his death.. You want to celebrate Gary well go ask his parents how much they want to celebrate?!? You are speaking of this like you are gonna wake up and everything is gonna be back to normal.. Look into your insane little brain and tell me what is normal about all this.. You say you wasn’t drinking.. Hmmmm!!! Ok physco you just left a bar and everyone knows how well you party and drink… Where is any remorse or will your pea brain let you show any?!?!

  • anonymous

    I’m pretty sure if this was the other way around & She was the one left on side of the road & ended up like gary her family would be devastated & pissed to! Instead of her calling her daddy while this was takin place she shouldve been calling the police if gary was doing awful things like she claims ( bc she said she didn’t want him remebered for who he was that night) I’m sure his family wouldve rather picked him up from the police station then to have found him in the hospital broken to pieces. Just bc people voice their oopinions doesn’t mean their judging her people want to understand how & why she could leave someone on dark busy hwy that she claimed to love?! Yes it may have been his time to go but he may of passed away a different way which couldve been easier on his family to understand! U can change ur destiny by different paths & choices u make. He died a horrible way & she’s just in denial.

  • Crazy mess

    It’s sad because not only did she try and get with her Exhusband after she left Gary on the road her Ex has been and is with her now I was told to help her through all of this. Bottom line her actions are a result of ones death and that should come with punishment. She has no remorse and doesn’t even remotely accept any blame in this. But I ask myself how could she have any if she doesn’t think she has any part of it….

  • mcphail0709

    I think its so sad that no one knows him like I did because if u did then u could be as at peace as I am I believe Gary will pull everyone threw this i was just so blessed he choose me to love and be with and I thank God everyday he put him in my life and thank god everyday that I learned what true love is through Gary he never liked conflict and never spoke badly of anyone I pray for all those hurting. All I can say is thank you to Gary for loving me beyond what I ever dreamed love could be and carrying me thru all this I know he will do the same for everyone else .

    • Joe Bo

      You are soo bizzar, think you in shock. Do yourself a favor stopreading, definitely stop posting.

  • Crazy mess

    No remorse.. I have never seen anyone with such a nonchalant attitude as Jessica. It would look so much better on your part if you just dropped all those rehearsed lines your using there getting old.. Gary would of wanted this and Gary would of wanted that. We will never know what he would want because you helped destroy his life.. When his little girl graduates high school go tell her what Gary would want, when she graduates college go tell her what Gary would want, when she gets married go tell her what Gary would want, when she has her first child and his first grandchild go tell her what Gary would want.. Do you comprehend now the magnitude of what you have done that resulted in his death. Probably not

  • Crazy mess

    Also it doesn’t matter about how well you knew him or not what matters is when you put this man out on the side of the road and he was killed this little innocent girl will know longer have a father. Drama queen wake up!!!

  • mcphail0709

    I’m sorry for all of the hate u have and I’m sorry Gary gave me the peace that u don’t have . It is because of how much love he gave me and I felt and still feel from him that I can go on without hate I know nothing of this world but good and I wish the same for u.

    • Crazy mess

      Love do you even know what that means? Is love when you put your boyfriend out on the interstate and never called anyone and let them know where he was? Is love when you drove off without even considering what could happen? Yes he probably did love you but honey you seriously need mental help and learn what love really is.. And do you comprehend how insane you sound.

      • Paralegal from New Albany

        yeah…she loves her husbands too…..every other week when she kicked Gary out and let him come back…then after he got her bills paid she booted him again..kind of sounds like a hooker doesn’t it?

    • tnt

      JUSTICE for gary. this girl should pay for what she done. killing this innocent young man. girl u better learn what love is bfore u start putting anything about love on here. again another lie. my gosh the truth will come out i hope and pray our lawmen see how dangerous this evil girl is put her behind bars for murder. DON’T LET HER GO FREE. JUSTICE B SERVED. depraved heart law manslughter abandonment shall i go on i pray for his family. men stay away from jessica thrasher or u mite b next!!!!!!!!!

  • Onlooker

    This is truly a sad thing. As I read over all the comments here, I see someone that happens to be the only one left here to give their side of this story. It is sad their side of the story that is being made public is doing nothing but throwing this young man in the dirt. McPhail0709 you are tarnishing his memory every time you reply to something. Regardless of what you come here to reply with, in the end you had choices, If I were in your shoes I would have so much guilt I couldn’t sleep. Perhaps if you keep saying the same thing over and over again you will start to believe it unless you already do. Your choice of words would only make people think badly of him, after all he is not here to say what happened. You make choices in life, you drove away, when you had the choice to stay. If he was drinking you left someone incapable of thinking clearly on a busy highway, If he got out of the car on his own, you could have stayed, im sure you had a cell phone. So many choices you could have made and this young man would still be here. Stop making this about you, how much he loved you or how much you loved him. Remember actions speak louder than any words you can say or type. Any normal person that went through this would not sit around saying how much at peace they are, they would be in so much pain for making the wrong choice they surely would not come here before the public to say the things you are saying. May he rest in peace, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    • Crazy mess

      Amen!! From the way I see it you might as well of pushed him in front of the 18 wheeler you are just as guilty.. I pray for his family they are the ones that know what love really is..

    • Crazy mess

      On looker you have hit the nail on the head because she is a very sick young lady and I truly think this should go in front of a jury.

      • shelia

        You don’t leave someone on side the road these days drunk or sober and drive off.. If she really loved him she would have called call or family member to go get him. She would of not called her ex to come to her home.. Sorry there just ain’t no love there that a playing games and someone lost a life cause someone only thinking about themselves..if this is not manslaughter nothing is

    • William

      Is this it? Is it really over? Is there not an investigation into this? Is this girl just going to get away with this? Is someone, anyone going to put a stop to this maddness ?? This girl has to have serious problems. My heart is broken for this young man, his child and family. I can’t imagine this happening to my child and nothing being done. If nothing else they should take her driving privileges away. She clearly drinks and drives. What is this world coming to?!?!

  • Crazy mess

    Shelia, it should be a jury to decide if she done anything wrong and anyone with any common sense would see she should be charged for this. If you drink and have a wreck with a passenger you are responsible if they die. Same thing here. Her actions caused his death. She doesn’t even realize she done something wrong.

  • Crazy mess

    Jessica needs to look up the definition of the Depraved Heart Law.. This fits this situation and should go to court

  • .....

    I don’t calm to be a great person but I wouldn’t put my worst enemy out on the side of any road drunk in the middle of the night !! That’s is the worst thing ! She seriously needs help or either she is just cruel !

  • Crazy mess

    Paralegal from NA. That whole family is disturbed. Depraved heart law definition— When your actions cause harm or death to another and it this isn’t a case I don’t know what is.. Justice for Gary Hood!!!

    • InShock

      With all my heart I believe there is more to this than what this girl has told. Iv been praying for this young mans family ever since I heard about this. What I can see is this girl is a mind player with some serious issues to be able to be married and go back and fourth between two men. Having no shame in it. Now turning around and acting bipolar. If enough people was to reach out to want true justice for this horrible crime this girl has committed, and the family approve I would start a campaign for justic for Gary Hood. Iv looked into this and heard that this girl has done some serious damage to others in situations almost just like this. Doesn’t seem she ever take repaonsiblty for her actions. If we set back and let this criminal get away with this crime. She will end up doing this again or end up drinking and drinking and cause a while family to get killed. We as whole need to stand up to what is right it get the truth and facts ! We can not allow this to happen and not get justice ! That small town of new albany needs to wake up! It needs to stand up for this young man. He isn’t around to defend himself. We should! We have to. I pray God heals and keeps this young mans family daily. And I pray that this young girl has no peace of mind whatsoever until she is brought to justice ! Eveyone should pray the same prayer.

      • EyesWideOpen

        I agree! There should be a tone of people out on the streets holding up signs demanding the truth! You can tell by all the backwards and fourths this girl posted she is hiding what really happen. You can tell by all the holes in the story also. Me and I know others would be in support to help with a campaign for Gary. Also we have been praying everyday that God allows the truth to come out. A mans life has been taking way to soon. Drunk drivers loose there lisence she not only ammitted that but yet she did worse! It has caused a effect on this town believe it. There is so much prayer going up for God to handle this.

      • JasonL

        I’ll stand with anyone in the streets, wear tshirt, sign! We need justice for Gary! I Say … NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!

      • Starkville

        We been following this story . . We want to know the truth! We stand for Gary Hood . No Justice, No peace!

      • friend

        I agree there is a lot of holes in her story. I pray also she has no peace until she tells the whole truth. NO JUSTICE NO PEACE! praying for the hood family.

      • DevinB

        I’m stand for Gary! I want to see justice served! This girl is wrong! No Justice No Peace! No Justice No Peace!

  • mbf

    I work with that truck driver that hit him and he is really taking it hard. He hasn’t returned to work yet. Me and another driver had to come and pick up his truck and drive it back to Memphis. He and the family are in my prayers

    • anonymous

      Prayers for him! I’m sure he didn’t see him or it was to late to miss him. If Garyhadn’t been left on hwy this accident wouldnt happened

    • Alex

      I was told today the trucker swerved to miss him bc he was laying on the road like he might had be hit already or hurt already. I’m sure the trucker is so upset about this and my prayers or with the trucker and this young mans family. This all is bc of that girl Jessica. Nobody else but her fault. Lord have mercy

  • acl

    Lordy I believe I was on this hwy right where this happened the very day this horrible accident took place. I am so sorry this has happened to this young father and I’m sorry that his gf has had to go through this too! I can’t imagine being in any of their shoes. Praying for all of you!

  • Alex

    Wow, what I was just told is there is an open investigation and truth has done come out. Don’t look like couple people are walking away from this like they thought.

  • Seth

    Im hearing a lot of talk that the investigation is still open and that isn’t not looking good for the Jessica girl. She should know something like this can’t be a open and shut case. Just bc she wasn’t charged when it happen doesn’t mean she still isn’t gonna get away with what she did. Lord help her. Going to he a real bumpy ride, but want be driving and she will not be allowed to drink this time.

  • if only

    Gary will be remembered for the man he was not for what you may say that he was. When the true story is finally revealed the public will then know exactly what happened and the type of person you are. All I can say to you is may God have mercy on your soul!

  • tnt

    JUSTICE for gary. this girl should pay for what she done. killing this innocent young man. girl u better learn what love is bfore u start putting anything about love on here. again another lie. my gosh the truth will come out i hope and pray our lawmen see how dangerous this evil girl is put her behind bars for murder. DON’T LET HER GO FREE. JUSTICE B SERVED. depraved heart law manslughter abandonment shall i go on i pray for his family. men stay away from jessica thrasher or u mite b next!!!!!!!!!

  • tnt

    if i loved someone i would never put them out knowing anything could happen. i pray this family finds peace and justice. lets make a stand for gary. JUSTICE FOR GARY

  • tnt

    what i dont understand this girl dad posted on facebook he was 7 minutes behind them whats up with that ? bars for life justice b served i pray for hood family that justice b served

    • Kbl

      No of what she has said and nothing of with her dad has said has come out clear or honest. This girl been flipping her story back and fourth so much.
      No justice no peace!

      • anonymous

        That’s bc her dad knows what happened & is covering for her! Stuff don’t add up! I believe there’s more then what’s bein told. Even in this report it says theres damage to her car hmmm

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