Family’s quick action lands accused groper in jail

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Quick action by a Memphis family landed an accused groper in jail.

It was a scary day for the Flanagan family, who say a man grabbed one of them and rammed their car, which had three young kids inside.

With the help of one of the kids in the car, Sandra Flanagan and her daughter April were able to get the vehicle's license plate number.

"They were scared. We were all scared," Sandra said.

When she, April, and three grandkids went to the store a couple of weeks ago, she said a man started harassing April.

"He just started disrespecting us and touched my butt," April said.

The family left with the help of the store owner, who they said even pointed a gun at 50-year-old Steven Wesby to get him to leave.

The situation got even scarier after they got in the car. They said Wesby and another man followed them, cursing at them through the car window while they tried to get away.

"He followed us, rammed us in the back, pushed it out into the middle of the street," Sandra said.

Three small children were in the car when it was rammed - 8-year-old Carlos and his 5-year-old and 9-month-old sisters.

That is when Sandra said her motherly instincts kicked in.

"I spun around, followed him up the hill and got his tag number," she said. "He tried to put his car in drive to come down the hill and ram us again."

This time, the family was able to get away.

Sandra said her eyesight is bad. So, it was actually young Carlos who got the license plate number that helped police make an arrest.

She said thanks to him, Wesby will not be able to hurt anyone else.

Wesby is charged with five counts of aggravated assault and one count of sexual battery.


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