Criminals using their cars as weapons in Mississippi

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SOUTHAVEN, Miss. -- Muddy tire tracks are all that remain at the scene of a chase in Southaven when a Missouri man tried to hit an officer with his car.

The suspect is Oscar Earl Kinsey.

He's 45 years old and wanted in Missouri for a parole violation after a robbery.

Horn Lake police uncovered that after they ran his plates, and when Kinsey noticed officers following him, he took off.

Chief Tom Long says Kinsey did circles to try and avoid the cops.

"He was going southbound, northbound, southbound, northbound. He was cutting through the medians. We had officers in place trying to set up our stop sicks, our tire-deflating devices."

Long says to avoid those stop sticks, Kinsey tried to run over one of his officers.

"He went around them and aimed at one of our officers. Made an attempt to run that officer down. The officer did fire one shot."

The officer missed Kinsey, hit his fender, sending him crashing a few yards later.

This is the second time in two days that someone has tried to run over a Southaven police officer. Wednesday, an officer was hit in the Big Lots parking lot, then shot and killed the driver.

Cheif Long said, "No one seems to care about the laws the rules, things anymore. no one wants to take the blame for what they do. that's where we are and this will always be the result of that."

Although the chase with Kinsey was on a rural stretch of the interstate, police say these chases are incredibly dangerous not only for police, but also for the public.


  • Rosemary Davis

    The Suspect has made a call out from The Med and claims to have been given 2 tickets and is free to go and appear in court for these charges. He is still in the hospital due to busted ribs and a collapse lung. He is claiming that as soon as he is released from the hospital he is free to go!

  • MemphisDad

    Police need to learn how to shoot straighter. One in the chest and one in the head. Make em count!

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