Police: Son stabs mom 30 times in the neck

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A woman is recovering in the hospital after she said her son stabbed her in the neck 30 times.

Nicholas Howerton, 23,  was arrested Tuesday night at his mother's home and charged with aggravated assault.

Police said when they got to the house in the 5200 block of Bruton they saw Howerton kneeling beside his mother with his arms around her neck.

They found a knife in the backyard.

In March,  Howerton was arrested for pulling a steak knife on his mother and threatening her life. He told arresting officers he was on meth and had anger problems.

Neighbors said about that time, Leann Howerton kicked her son out of her house.

They said Nicholas was back in the neighbor Tuesday afternoon acting strangely.

Still, they can't believe a son would stab his own mother.

"You know, I've got a son and I couldn't imagine having a hateful relationship with him. But it's just sad and very unfortunate, " said JJ Salgado.

Howerton is being held without bond.

He will make his first appearance in court tomorrow.

Leann Howerton is listed in fair condition.


    • Kirk Weaver

      I agree. He needs to be put in jail or on a diversion drug court program for being a meth head. Let his mom make the decision which way it goes.

      • Robert Chamblee

        Dude your a freakin idoit, it is not her decision to make its the police and the judge….he is going to rot….

      • Joe Bo

        Kirk from star trek, if he would do his own Mom this way, I wonder what he would do to one of your family members?

    • bambam84

      I was thinking the exact same thing. But you get life for marijuana brownies these days. Smh.

  • Jef'fran

    SMH.. .I went to school with him! Bartlett High School,…rode the bus with him every morning. He graduated two years after me. Life is funny, from the people that you say “what’s up ” to every morning to the people who you never heard speak a word in the hallways. Man this makes me wonder what happen to a lot of people from my class of 07!

  • Adios

    How do you stab your own mother 30 TIMES in the neck and only get charged with aggravated assault and not attempted 1st degree murder? This kid must suffer from WhiteDrugaddictenza, a form of Affluenza, which is a symptom of Whitesupremicenza.

  • IwishUwould

    Point blank this is clearly an example of how the system works,,,, white get lesser charger for crimes than any other race period.

  • sue

    He should get charged with Attempted Murder. You do not stab someone 30 times without the intent to kill them. Ridiculous.

  • candi

    First degree murder should not have been a question. He wont do any time agg assault probation. He will kill next

  • Low Profile

    She apparently did a banner job of raising this kid. Looks like the chickens came home to roost. He should be charged with attempted first degree murder. And she should be charged with neglect.

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