Firefighter cited after crash that killed St. Jude employee

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis firefighter has been cited after a crash that killed a St. Jude employee in April.

The crash happened April 5 at the intersection of Walnut Grove and Mendenhall.

Police said 33-year-old Josh Bichelman was driving down Walnut Grove, trying to turn left onto Mendenhall.

That’s when witnesses say Lt. Raymond Glover ran a red light, forcing Bichelman’s car into a utility pole.

Bichelman was pronounced dead on the scene.

Glover was off duty at the time of the crash and was not given a sobriety test.

He has now been cited with failure to yield right of way, resulting in death, and faces a fine and losing his license for a period of time.

Bichelman was the bone marrow transplant coordinator at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a husband, and father to a young son.


  • Hard Truths

    No favoritism for police or firemen, or anybody who works for the government. HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE.

  • connie cooper

    What happen to accurate journalism? Today its scary to listen to the news but sad to think we have to filter out when the news has the correct facts or reporting a bunch of hogwash. This would be one of those times so get your facts correct before you report it. This fire fighter isn’t the monster you’re making him to be so since you can’t get the story correct leave it alone please.

    • blahblah

      Well, Connie, enlighten us…what part is not the truth? The guy ran a red light and as a result another person is dead. Is this not accurate?

  • Hard Truths


    No special treatment. It does not matter that the accused is not a “monster”.

    How would you or I be treated under the same circumstances. The same standards need to apply to cops, firefighters, other govt officials.

  • wallace

    And who says the he was given any special treatment, I will bet if an employee of channel 3 was involved in an accident, the head lines would not say employee of channel 3 charged in accident

    • Connie Cooper

      Amen Wallace! Blahblah yes that is incorrect. Only the confused version of a excitable witness has been told. She changed her story to the police on the scene 4 times before she made her statement at the station. Don’t judge until you have all the facts.

  • Kevin Lewis

    Accidents happen…in this case I think the police should have drawn blood from both men to ensure they were not impaired. Now we will never know. It’s sometimes difficult to determine fault making a left hand turn across traffic at a signal light, in tthis case it appears both men may have ran the Red light. A man lost his life, the Police failed to do their job…What a shame.

  • darksword

    Connie and Wallace, I would like to hear the facts and the source since the new is not forth coming with it accurately including the multiple versions of the witness. The last I heard, the police report has not been released. Also, this is the first I’ve heard of the possibility that ‘both men may have ran the red light’.

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