Mid-South veterans honor friends they lost in combat

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OLIVE BRANCH, Miss. -- Across the country, people paused to remember those have served this country and those who have died defending our freedom.

Nearly 200 veterans buried at Blocker Cemetery in Olive Branch were honored today.

Some of those veterans served during the Civil War.

The 3rd Annual Memorial Day Tribute,  "A Time to Remember,"  was organized by the Olive Branch Nights of Columbus.

During the ceremony, the names of the vets buried there were read aloud in a roll call.

One of those recognized was Jim Loftin's father who served during WWII.

"I was born during WWII.  My father was on active duty in WWII. His grave is right over there."

Bob Buntyn , a Vietnam veteran,  was also at the ceremony.

He said he was celebrating the lives of friends he lost in the war.

"This is a very special day because this is how I remember all my buddies that aren't here to enjoy today."

Buntyn said most people would be surprised to learn that Decoration Day, now Memorial Day, was started in Columbus, Miss.

He said the sacrifices made for our country should never be taken for granted.

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