Child predator reported in Collierville neighborhood

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COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. -- A possible child predator has some Collierville parents on edge.

A young girl was reportedly playing in her front yard, just a block or two from the popular Johnson Park, when a man pulled up in a truck and tried to grab her.

"I am kind of scared about it really," said 8-year-old Tarah Bertrand. "I play on my electric scooter, but Daddy has to watch me."

It's not how Tarah wanted to start her summer break. Tarah's dad is keeping a close eye on her after he said he heard a stranger tried abducting a child a few streets over on Franklin Dale Cove last week

"It struck a nerve, and it struck on it pretty close," said Johnny Bertrand. "I am pretty concerned."

What's even more alarming: witnesses told WREG the man tried to grab the child a few feet from her front door.

"The kid made noise and ran, and [the lady next door's] daughter heard it, so she came outside. That's what made the man leave," said Randy Holdford.

Since then, neighbors think the guy has been back to their neighborhood several times.

WREG went to the Collierville Police Department to get answers, but not one was available to comment since it is a holiday.

We were referred to their Facebook page, but their post is vague, stating, "The Collierville Police Department continues to investigate an altercation that occurred earlier this week. "

It goes on to say, "We have investigators working on this currently. Once the department has enough confirmed information, we will put something out."

In the meantime, neighbors are taking action by handing out flyers.

"A small sheet of paper that has a small description, and we walked around the neighborhood and passed it out," said Holdford.

"We had a couple of people from the neighborhood walking around passing out flyers," said Bertrand.

Even though police aren't confirming much, Tarah's dad isn't taking any chances. He's making sure Tarah knows what to do if she sees him.

"I'm going to scream and run," she said.

Witnesses told police the man fled the scene in a GMC, mid-sized truck in a pewter color. The truck's back window was tinted and had a fleur-de-lis symbol on it.

The driver is a white, middle-aged male with no distinguishing or noticeable tattoos.

If you have any information, call Collierville Police at 901-853-3207.


  • FacePalm

    Anyone that runs into this p e r v e r t should just shoot him on the spot. I’m sure the cops will give them a free pass on this one.

    • sonia

      Great…. lets just shoot everyone who we think is a pervert because no one has ever been wrong and shot an innocent person!! Great advice for all the “fruitcakes” with guns. Hope your going to pay for their lawyer when they end up in jail.

  • yvonne nickerson

    Whats scary is how fast a child can be abducted.. right in front of their own home in a matter of seconds.. First thought that came to my head was where is he from and how many has he abducted already… Praying they get this guy ..

  • yvonne nickerson

    And another thing.. Im sure the cops hate seeing this.. and Im betting hate when the animal gets let free in the court system.. Our Collierville cops are great

  • Pittman Gurkin

    This also happened on Simmons ridge…across the street from neighborhood the reports are coming from

  • Deduce

    Doesn’t this truck fit the description of one that was stolen less than a week ago? Silver/Pewter with a tinted window and a Fleur De Lis symbol on the back window?

  • Katherine

    I’ve lived in this neighbrohood since I was a kid now that I have kids it shocks me that this would happen here!!! I also feel like the police should have been on top of this and not kept their mouth shut!!!!

  • Ray

    i saw this guy driving down Summer Ave a few days after this happened. I called memphis crime stoppers, (cuz it’s the only phone # I could recall) and gave them his tag #. Seems really odd that I haven’t heard about this guy getting arrested.

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