Taxi driver killed in Corinth, MS

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Cleo Henderson

CORINTH, Miss.– A well known taxi driver was shot and killed in Corinth, Mississippi this weekend.

The Corinth Police Department told us Cleo Henderson was shot in front of Liberty Taxi Stand on Taylor Street.

It’s believed the shooting happened between 1 and 3 a.m.

Henderson, who was 66, drove a cab for 40 years and was very well known.

It appears robbery was the reason for the murder.

No suspects have been arrested.

This is still an ongoing investigation.

If you have any information that will help police solve this case, call Corinth Police at 662-286-3377.


  • Don

    As a young man in the early 50’s I drove a Veterans Cab Co in Memphis. We did not have much problem, We rented the vehicles from the Company and paid so much and bought our gas. Some drivers bought 12 hrs shifts and I opted the 24 hr rate so I would the vehicle for my own private trips as I didn’t own a car at that time.
    If a driver had a hard time with a passenger the driver called it in and in just a few minutes he would see at least 10 cabs showed up.
    Okay, I picked up a fare from down town and he wanted to go to Millinton Naval base. The man asked if we could go out Jackson so we could go to the back gate. I called trip in to dispatch. As we left the the city away from the lights I heard a couple of clicks from the back seat that I took it to be a round was being loaded and the man leaned forward , at that time I was kind of upset but he asked me if I would have a drink with him. The only reason I didn’t have one was my hands were shaking so bad I would spilled the drink.
    We talked a little and I told him what I thought, we both of us were laughing when we got to the gate.
    He paid the fee and also gave me a good tip.
    If you notice the signs on the to of the cabs that runs down the center behind the Taxi sign, well the first taxi in Memphis was attached to the top of my cab.
    These were the Good Old Days.

  • Yourturniscomingsoon

    I drove a cab in Buffalo, NY from 1968 – 1972 while attending The University at Buffalo. Great job for a college kid. The situation we had was you came in whenever you wanted and as long as cars were available you could take one and drive as long as you wanted to. We split the meter 50/50 with the cab company.
    Never had any problem except for an occasional punk who would bolt without paying the fare. Of course, there were certain areas where the company would not send a cab and if you didn’t like the looks of someone you didn’t have to pick them up. Had a driver friend who came from one of the rougher Italian neighborhoods in the city who had a friend working for a competing cab company who was robbed. The robber, a black in his 20’s, tried to slit the driver’s throat for no reason after he was given all the money. Well, a couple of months after that episode, the driver who was slashed was out one day and saw the one who robbed / slashed him. He pulled his cab in, rounded up a few of his friends and set out to get the robber. Well, they found him and waited patiently for him to be alone. Two of them herded him into their car with a gun in his back. They said the robber’s eyes got as big as saucers when he saw the driver he robbed waiting in the car. the guy who was robbed showed the robber the scar he left on his neck.

    Well, they took this punk to an industrial area of the city, went a ways off the road into a field and pulverized both of the robber’s knees with a sledge hammer, and left him. More violent criminals should meet a similar fate. If they did, things would be much nicer for law abiding citizens.

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