Overflow parking at Memphis zoo sparks firestorm among all involved

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Mayor A C Wharton gave in to conservationists and told the Memphis Zoo to find another place for overflow parking on the zoo's busiest days.

That ignited a firestorm between all parties involved, including the mayor who wanted - and got - an apology from the zoo.

The Informed Sources share their take on the controversy.


  • hank wesson

    what is the promblem with these protesters? where did they come from? they should have stay at home leave the zoo buissnes to the city of Memphis

  • Thomas H. Evans

    Actually the Mayor is a “Huge Pussy.” This guy can’t get anything right, and why anyone would apologize to him is beyond me.

  • johnny dee

    i don’t blame all the hippies in mid town for being upset.they won’t have a nice place to smoke dope!

  • Hard Truths

    Decent people just DON’T take over green grasslands to park SUVs and Monster Trucks.

    Decent people don’t even TRY to do something like that. Take your tailgating parties somewhere else — to Hades if necessary. Leave the Park alone, you Philistines!

  • Errin

    My question is why not ask the hippies to pool all of their monetary resources and build a new park? Better yet, leave things as They are. The mayor obviously doesn’t realize how much money the zoo brings into Memphis. You don’t mess with the goose that lays one of the Golden eggs.

  • Arguenot

    One of the few things right with Memphis, and some selfish neighbors who want the park for themselves start this nonsense. 20 years this field has been used as overflow parking. And now, the privileged few (who moved here knowing all of this) do not want people parking, or (gasp) even driving on certain roads as it would impact THEIR view.

    3 to 15 protesters sit and block thousands from enjoying a nationally acclaimed gem. Perfect commentary on what is wrong in Memphis, with king Willie, ooops, Wharton, again caring not for the over-all good of the city he is supposed to be the care taker of but strutting and ruffling his feathers when the Zoo speaks the truth.

    I bet some big surrounding cities would be thrilled to house a nationwide attraction like The Memphis Zoo. Then the neighbors at the park can have it all… along with all the crime, drug usage and used condoms that that already litter the area.

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