Memphis police officer charged with sexually abusing child

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(Memphis) A Memphis police officer charged with molesting a child is out of jail on bond. 

Steven Feinberg paid $40,000 to get out of jail Saturday.

He’s accused of sexually abusing a girl for the last five years.

According to the police report, the Department of Children's Services got an anonymous tip that Feinberg was sexually abusing this girl.

During a forensic interview, she told police it was true.

“What makes everyone surprised is that it`s a police officer, somebody we trust,” said Dr. Jeffery Freiden, a licensed counselor who treats sex offenders in Shelby County.

Prosecutors have charged the Memphis police officer with molesting the girl since she was 12 years old.

Investigators say he started touching her when she was 12 and by the time she was 14, he started having sex with her.

Police say the victim is now 17 and opened up about this abuse, which she says happened in multiple houses Feinberg has lived in over the years.

The 33-year-old wasn't at his Cordova home when WREG stopped by on Saturday.

Neighbors say they saw police at his house several times in the last few weeks.

“Kind of unsettling,” said neighbor, Kim Parsley.

Neighbors say he's married with children.

“We teach our children to trust a police officer, trust people in charge,” said Dr. Freiden. “We have also got to teach our children that when they know something is wrong to come talk to you.”

Dr. Freiden says, if convicted, officer Fienberg could be spending years in prison because of how young the victim was when he allegedly started to abuse her.

“His first contact was at age 12,” said Dr. Freiden. “Usually ‘12’ is a number that State usually looks at as being way over the line.”

The Memphis Police Department has taken Feinberg off the job and Police Director Toney Armstrong says he's going to ensure justice is served.

Feinberg has been a Memphis police officer since 2007.

If the accusations are true, this means that this sexual abuse started about two years after he joined the force.

He's due in court Tuesday at 9 a.m.


  • hank wesson

    will the real police officers please stand up we know you are out there somewhere all pollice are not bad it is some good officers out there I know it

    • Adam Jay Christie

      There are good cops out there…the press would just rather push all the bad cop stories out there for ratings/website traffic….I’ve met and dealt with many good cops in my lifetime.

      • Michael Smith

        But you are wrong. If those good cops don’t do anything about the bad cops then they are the biggest part of the problem. The problem is what it is today because of the silence of other cops to not report the bad ones.

      • Haven

        Exactly! Every day thousands of police officers answer calls and help people, sometimes saving lives. Those stories rarely make the news because they’re not sensational enough. That’s just like teachers or doctors or preachers in the news – only the bad ones get media attention. As for the poster who said ” If those good cops don’t do anything about the bad cops then they are the biggest part of the problem.” – who do you think investigated and arrested this guy??

  • Pest Control

    I don’t care who he is I wouldn’t trust any man to have an opportunity to harass my kid. He was probably close to her family. That’s what makes those type thugs so terribly sick.

      • Jones

        One part of that is relevant. The other part is not. Her race would be the irrelevant part. She’s a victim, period. True her skin is better at blocking out harmful UV rays. But I’m not sure how that’s relevant to this case.

  • kay

    pretty sad, sad for all involved, how many lives has he ruined? how will his wife explain to their kids, if they have any?
    lost a good job, etc. stupid, anyone who does this to kids is a sick POS

    • Reason

      why do so many sheep blame other people for cops wrong doing? This is that piece of shit cops fault. not the mother

  • Hard Truths

    ANOTHER one.

    How do people like this get to be LEO’s in the first place unless the upper ranks of law enforcement aren’t full of people JUST LIKE HIM?

  • Hard Truths

    And a mighty low bond.

    Bond is routinely TWICE that for having a few scraggly pot plants.

    Seems to be an unseemly amount of “professional courtesy” being extended here. His bond should be closer to $500,000. Oh well, we have come to expect such travesties in Memphis.

    • Not how it works

      That’s not how it works. Bond is set based on flight risk, not severity of the crime.

      • Hard Truths

        That is how it OUGHT to work, but if you take a look, that’s not how it DOES work.

        Police have massive advantages vs civilians when they face the judicial system. No serious person can deny that.

    • Jones

      Whitesrdevils, congrats for showing yourself to be as backwards as all of those white racists that post on Yahoo comments daily. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen them try and use every transgression of any black individual that makes the news as an example of how depraved the Black race is. Race was not relevant in those cases and is not relevant here. Anyone who tries to make it an issue when it clearly is not is simply demonstrating how much air can fit in the head of a human being.

  • Wake Up

    $40,000… A family member of mine got that for a few pot plants. Shows you how corrupt the police and judiciary is

  • chriswilliamsjuniorwearshismamaswighat

    They’re gonna love Ex – Occifer Feinberg in the Big House. He’ll be quite the “party girl”, I’m sure.

  • Hard Truths

    This guy is a cop because the people above him CHOOSE people like him. This is a failure of command and leadership. And Armstrong and Wharton just don’t have what it takes.

    MPD needs to be dismantled and rebuilt from the ground up.

    • Jones

      I don’t know much about the MPD but come on. People can be very good at hiding who they are. There was no way for them to know that this guy was capable of something like this. Child molesters don’t exactly write on their job applications that they molest children.

    • Joe Bo

      What a dumb and idiotic statement to make. Replacing the Mayor and Police Chief over an Oficcer hired ten years ago. This indicates just how foolish the rest of your commits be.

  • h d williams

    This is not a thing of color. How did you turn this tragedy that has happened to this young girl into a race issue?Do not use this to fight a battle you are fighting. Please look at it for what it is; pray if you pray and hope if you hope, that this young lady and all the families involved get through this as peacefully as possible.

  • Kay

    It’s funny that same incident just happened in cheatham county. He was a police officer and the girls where his nieces and cousins. It’s sad only 3 yr sentence with a charges ran cuncurrent.

  • Hard Truths

    FEAR AND DISTRUST THE UNIFORM. This is the kind of people who fill police forces, especially after the idealists get sick of it and quit after a few years. So often, it is the long-time cop who is the serious criminal offender. And yeah, the young guys tend to get the DUIs. That’s a shame, actually, but they must be held to the law like anyone else.

    But sexual predators are a lot more serious.

    We need our minds to grasp the idea that police work attracts, disproportionately, the very people who should not BE cops — authoritarians, control freaks, predators, bullies, cowards.

    Orders followers, NOT thinkers.

    If I had ever been a cop, I’d be one of those who quit because of the cesspool they work in — and by that I mean their colleagues.

    The police hate and despise the public. The public WILL have to deal with them, in no uncertain terms.

    We need to hate them as much as they hate us, and we must deal with them accordingly.


    “His first contact was at age 12,” said Dr. Freiden. “Usually ‘12’ is a number that State usually looks at as being way over the line.”

    Way over the line? There is a line that exists where it’s more appropriate to sexually abuse a child? So if she was 13 or 14, this wouldn’t have been as traumatizing or this disgusting officer would face less prison time? what the fuck.

  • D .D..

    I wish we quit blaming black or white we need to buckle down and deal with our children both white and black

  • Hard Truths

    Typical police recruit. Just another brick in the wall. I hope he spends many long and happy years in prison.

    See Malone, Darrell. This is MPD’s newest poster boy. But there are SO many. Remember the fat woman cop caught shoplifting a few months ago. The cops think they’re above the law.

    Oh, and the sheriff’s deputy who is facing charges of INCEST.

  • Hard Truths

    Charley, Charley, Charley. This is YOUR offspring.

    I bet he’s another Christianist flagwaving mo ron Republican just like you.

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