Why the tea party’s ‘best hope’ may have already failed

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WREG-TV -- The Republican primary for U.S. Senate in Mississippi took such a nasty turn this week, it's now making national headlines.

A week earlier, the race was billed as the tea party's best hope to unset an establishment Republican.

The Informed Sources discuss why that may not be the case anymore.


    • Bassplayer

      Well sure a communist like you would agree with this,,uninformed and a plantation voter,,,yeah the democrats love you..

  • Bill

    I was a life long Republican until the party collapsed 8 years ago. My vote will still be for the least of the evils but no Republicans, whatever they call themselves now. Which is not much, they have no Kahoonas.

    • Bassplayer

      The establishment republicans are just there to keep a job,,pansies at best. We need real Americans,,,,not momma boys..

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