Scientific proof: stay-at-home moms are more stressed than working moms

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. --  Summer is here and kids are thrilled, but moms are more like...

"Oh my gosh what am I going to do? I've got them the whole time? I need to get my act together!"

That was Suzanne Johnson's reaction.

Summer vacation is the busy season for stay-at-home moms.

Johnston knows a lot of them, because she writes a blog called East Memphis Moms. She's a mother of two and knows all about the stress.

"Trying to juggle without signing them up for too many things, but not having them bored. And of course everyone always second guesses themselves.  Am I doing a good job at this?"

Researchers at Penn State University found stay-at-home moms are more stressed out than women who go to work full time.

Johnson actually laughed when we told her what the study found.

She said it didn't take a scientist to figure that one out, but she's glad they did, because now there's proof.

Johnson said, "The stress comes from you wanting to do a good job, and what does that mean? How active do you want to be? And that sort of thing. The stress is something you put on yourself."

That's exactly what the study discovered.  Women are so worried about their home, family and multitasking, that it's more stressful than working.

Guys have it easy - they're more stressed at work.

But for women, that stress is taking it's toll, causing high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

It turns out, your family could be killing you.

Johnston said, "Suddenly it's like oh my gosh, I'm not crazy. I'm not alone. I'm not horrible at this. This is just normal and it's OK."

She compares her kids' report cards to a job evaluation. Once they come in, if the kids are doing well, she knows she did a good job.


  • MikeBarret

    Sure, having to deal with the spawn all day long is gonna stress you out! How many times have I heard a female co worker say, being at work is an escape. And at least you get paid for work. Being a mom full time is the hardest job ever and no salary, shout out to all moms. Also think real hard before you start popping those kids out.

  • MarkM

    What about stay-at-home Dads? Again, sexist profiling rules the day. I am a stay at home Dad and proud of it. I have 3 kids.

    • Keifer

      Agreed Mark, It’s a stupid article. I like how they say there is “scientific proof” because a random Penn state study says so. It’s lazy journalism and sexist towards men.

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