Westhaven supporters celebrate saving the school

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The Westhaven PTO threw a backyard bash at the elementary school Thursday to celebrate the future of the school.

"This is our grand closing. We are looking forward to our new school being built ," said Westhaven PTO President Bridget Bradley.

The elementary school was on a list of Shelby County school closures, but parents and community members were able to convince the board to put a new one in its place instead.

Thursday, they wanted to thank everyone involved.

"We had some tough decisions, but we made the right decision in getting a new school for this community," said Shelby County School Board Member Shante Avant.

The new school won't open until the fall of 2015, so that means students will have to go to one of two other schools for a year.

Still, those who fought hard to save Westhaven says students will have something even better to look forward to down the road.

"We feel great because I want my daughter to graduate from this school to the next middle school. Westhaven is the best school in the district," said Carmellia Cowan.

The Shelby County Commission gave the district $12 million to build a new Westhaven Elementary.

The current school building will be torn down in late June or early July.

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