Drug rehab center met with opposition

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OLIVE BRANCH, Miss. -- A new business in Olive Branch has neighbors in some subdivisions concerned. They're upset a drug rehabilitation center is trying to open hear their homes.

Two upscale homes sit at the Malone Road address now, but a company that runs drug rehab centers is trying to move in.

Ray Aldinger is one of those concerned. He says he lives about 3,200 feet from it.

Neighbors like him are concerned and hope city aldermen don't approve the opening.

Aldinger said, "If you have problems with drugs obviously, you have a issues, you understand. They bring a lot of baggage with them, as you well know."

Three subdivisions surround the proposed site. About 100 people showed up to a city hall hearing this week to voice concern.

Tom Bell said, "It wasn't any indication of anything being done. No notices put out. No rezoning. No anything until just the day before the meeting."

Addiction Campuses of America is the company trying to open the facility. One of the owners told WREG they are no threat.

Brent Clements said, "We're going to be an asset to their community. These clients are living in their community today unsupervised, driving up and down the street, drinking and driving, using drugs. We just provide a safe secure medically supervised environment."

Another hearing is set for two weeks.

Owners feel confident they'll get enough support to open, but upset neighbors say they'll have to go through them first.

Aldinger said, "I don't have no problem with a rehab center. Just don't put it in a residential area."

Olive Branch aldermen voted down the rehab center once, but the owners of the facility are appealing.


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