Brides say ‘yes’ to renting the dress

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Summer is the season for weddings, and we're On Your Side with some cost saving ideas for brides on a budget!

Grooms have been doing it for years, and now even brides are saying "yes" to renting the dress.

"We got married October 13th, it was exactly one year and one day after we met," Amaris Harris said.

Harris said that first meeting happened online after a push from a good friend.

The two then set up a face-to-face outing just days later.

Harris gushed about the moment she saw her would-be husband, Jacob.

"As soon as I saw him stand in the driveway, I was like, 'Oh my God,' I swear a lightning bolt hit me and I knew right then and there, that was it."

An encounter that was romantic and slightly unconventional.  Some might say Harris took the same approach with her wedding gown.

"I've been married before and I didn't really care about spending a bunch of money on a dress anyway, I'm not that naive to think that when my daughters grow up, they're going to want to wear my dress!"

Teresa Rook is the owner of MidSouth Ladies Formals, which specializes in bridal gown rentals.

Harris found her dress at Rook's boutique.

"It was absolutely perfect," said Harris.

Wedding dress rentals are a growing trend.

There are stores and sites like One Night Affair and Little Borrowed Dress, and Rent the Runway has even added a bridal section.

Rook said, "You're never going to wear it again, you're going to pay $2,000, $3,000 for a couture dress for six hours."

Rook prides herself on offering rentals for women of every size and shape.  MidSouth Ladies Formals carries sizes ranging from 0 to 36.

Brides-to-be can either select a gown from the showroom or custom order.

Rentals start at $100 and go up to roughly $600 for lots of bling!

Rook said of the rentals, "It will include her petticoat, her veil and tiara, and will also include the cleaning fee."

That provides serious savings for brides on a budget, or allows those who want a designer gown to have couture without the cost.

"With a woman deciding to rent her gown here, I mean she's talking maybe five percent of the total cost," said Rook.

Amaris told WREG, "It was only $200 to rent that dress, that was it, and that included dry cleaning and any alterations if I needed them.  Everything was included into it, you can't get any better than that."

Rook gets most of her inventory from bridal boutiques that have closed, or those that send overflow or previous seasons' styles.

She also says they make careful selections from sites like Craigslist and Ebay.

Believe it or not, brides don't have to stop at the dress.  There are sites for rentals of everything from jewelry and accessories, even the cake!

Check out these other sites for wedding rental options:

Adorn - fine jewelry rental

Bag, Borrow or Steal - designer hand bag rental

Fun Cakes - cake rental


  • Emily z

    Tess is the best! I am renting my gown from her for my upcoming wedding…but when she told me how much I would pay to actually buy the gown, my mouth dropped!!! I may very we’ll be buying my wedding gown from her as well! She has impeccable taste, and may know more about you than you know. I originally told her I did not want any lace or bling on my dress, so she let me try on dresses I picked. Then, she put me in a gown that surprised me – I love it and it has lace and bling! The other great thing about Tess is that you can decide on a dress during one visit, but if you come back and find another that wasn’t there before, you can switch since you are renting. Whether buying or renting, Tess is the way to go!

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