“What’s up, Mike Tyson?” Teacher in trouble after comment to student beat up on bus

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A teacher is in trouble after calling out a student who was beaten up on the school bus.

The girl and her sister were out of school to go the doctor, and when one of them returned, her teacher referred to her as Mike Tyson.

"She looked and said, 'What's up, Mike Tyson?' She was like, 'Where you been?'” Cordova High Sophomore Jayla Holloway said.

Holloway couldn’t believe her first day back at school, her teacher brought up the fight.

A month ago, two brothers jumped Jayla and her sister after a short argument on a school bus.

The two girls talked to WREG after it happened.

Jayla says her teacher didn't like that.

“She told me I embarrassed her by being on the news,” she said.

She said her teacher’s comments didn’t stop there.

“She was like, 'You could have come to school. What did they do, threaten you?' So I got up and walked out of the classroom and I called my mom."

"She was crying hysterically and she said, 'Mom, come get me from school.' I said, 'Why?' and she said, 'My teacher is saying mean things to me,'" Myca Holloway said.

Myca says her daughter suffered a concussion and needed to see a neurologist. Her sister still has torn ligaments in her shoulder from the fight.

"It’s a horrible situation for a teacher to talk to her like that taking into consideration the things she has gone through mentally psychological that’s a bullying situation,” she said.

Shelby County Schools says as soon as it heard about the comments, the teacher was disciplined, but they didn't say how.

Holloway is thankful for the swift action.

"I am very happy that something has finally been done," she said.

The district is still investigating the bus incident, and has not said if the bus driver was disciplined for not stopping the bus.


  • Disgusted by this culture

    Sometimes it’s best not to say what you think. I’m a teacher too, but I know there are things I should not say. Think before you speak!

    • Jim

      Speaking of respect, most teachers do not like being called ” teach”. But then again you are a boy so I will cut you some slack.

  • Polly Edwards

    I do not believe the teacher meant anything malicious in her statements with the student, and probably they had had similar conversations, and those conversations were acceptable to both. But, because of what the student was feeling, the student found the teacher’s comments to be unacceptable. Teachers should always be careful in how they address students. What they may normally say on a daily basis, can come back to bite them.

  • sue

    Seems like these girls are really enjoying their TV time. We must really be hard up for some news these days!

  • WhateverHappenedToNaturalSelection

    Coddled children grow into weak adults.
    What happened to a sense of humor? Teacher probably expected the kid to pick herself up, wipe off the dirt, and bully forward into life. Sadly, we can’t expect that from the coming generation anymore. Pathetic.

  • not sure

    In my day a bully would bully you till you had enough and got up off you tail and fought. Sometimes that is the only thing people understand is violence, but we live in a cold brutal world, not a world filled with fairy dust and unicorn milk.

  • Jim

    Mom come get me my teacher is being mean to me. This child is in for a tough time when she gets a job. Mom come get me my boss is being mean. No mention of a father? I TRULY feel sorry for the teacher that has to deal with these brats. Assign them, to a NEW teacher…but I bet the Mom will have problems with her or him too. Any takers?

      • sarcastic1

        And this is why customer service is so bad. We’re being so-called “served” by a bunch of babies who never grew up. Scary to think that this is the generation that’s supposed to take care of us when we’re old. Senior abuse and neglect will run rampant in the future.

  • Sheila

    When the students and single moms are running the school, it’s time to send your child to another school. Cordova High sounds like a lovely place…not. Any word from Jayla’s dad. Did not think so.

    • not sure

      I have two girls and my two will throw down with another girl. one girl called my daughter a zebra and the n word and she laid that girl out on the school bus. She never made that reference again to her. I see this country puss#fyin$ itself in the near future. Wonder what we are going to do when the chinese and koreans come a knockin we gona spray fairy dust on them or rise up and fight. Way we are going i dont see it happening.

  • Laura

    If the teacher said this, did anyone ask what her intentions were? My guess is it was intended to try to relieve some of the stress of the student. Maybe it didn’t work, but make it a news story? That’s nonsense. What ever happened to the student(S) that started the fight? Why are we making the teacher out to be the bad guy? Shouldn’t we be focusing on the students that did the violent actions that caused the children their injuries? Isn’t that what this should be about?

  • Salliemae

    How was the student disciplined for the fight. Really, from the tape she looked far from a victim. Mom is silly and why would the news report this.

    • sarcastic1

      So right – obvious co-conspirator. This is what comes of putting an end to spanking. Spare the rod – well, you know the rest.

  • candi

    The comments you all post are so childish and inconsiderate. If these ladies were white then the comments would be totally different. The teAcher is unprofessional and ignorant for making a joke out of these children getting beat up that bs is not funny at all.

  • candi

    At sue how how dare you insinuate that they just “want to be on tv,”I dont believe these kids want tv time after getting beat up by a bully. You sound stupid as an adult for saying that. If these girls were white it would be” oh amanda oh Samantha” .the comments you people post just displays your racist jealousy towards blacks and yes I said jealous because you all know we are truly the gifted ones

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