Jailer admits accessing info to help husband

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Pamela Beard

MEMPHIS, Tenn- A Shelby County Deputy Jailer pleaded guilty to accessing a county database to provide information to her husband, whom police say was dealing drugs.

Pamela Beard, a/k/a “Princess,” 43, said her husband, John L. Thomas III, wanted to know if his partner was in custody.

Beard used a database to look up the information about Andre Wrister.

Prosecutors say, “Thomas and Adams were actively involved in the possession and distribution of as much as 500 grams of heroin into the Memphis area on a bi-weekly basis.”

“The actions of Ms. Beard are indefensible by any standard and will not be tolerated by this office,” said Shelby County Sheriff Bill Oldham. “I believe the public will look at this case as an example of one misguided individual and will in no way assume that her behavior is indicative of the responsible, hard-working professionals who make up the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.”

Beard is scheduled to be sentenced in August and could receive up to three years in federal prison and a fine of up to $250,000. There is no parole in the federal prison system.


  • Elizabeth

    but isn’t that the same infomation you can access on the shelby county detainees’ page? If that is public record should it be that severe?

  • TheExecutioner

    The local governments need to make sure corrupt employees receive the harshest sentences permissible under the law.

  • Evette

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  • midtown Washington bottom

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  • Low Profile

    How on earth does someone work in a law enforcement capacity only to turn around and go home to support a drug dealing spouse?! Talk about a conflict of interest! She just needs to be fired, pure and simple, and not allowed to work in any branch of law enforcement until such time as she might show she can live her life within the law.

  • Waymon

    Oldham everyone can assets the data base http://www.shelbycounty/tn/warrents. Chech it out. Drop this stupid charge and give her her job back with a two to four week paid vacation . Also Oldham instead of focusing on stupid charges on the innocent start charging people that fights in 201. I said it! Really! I did.

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