Sudan Orders Christian Woman Hanged After Giving Birth

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Meriam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag

(Khartoum, Sudan) A Sudanese woman has been ordered to be flogged then hanged after converting to Christianity and marrying a Christian man.

The case has received little media coverage in the United States, there have been no hashtag selfies or Hollywood outcry.

Amnesty International called the court’s ruling “truly abhorrent.”

Because the Islamic country does not allow people to convert, it sees Meriam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag’s marriage as a form of adultery.

The judge told Ishaq, “We gave you three days to recant, but you insist on not returning to Islam. I sentence you to be hanged to death.”

The organization’s Sudan researcher Manar Idriss said that “adultery and apostasy are acts which should not be considered crimes at all. It is flagrant breach of international human rights law.”

The court has decided to allow Ishag to give birth before her hanging.

Amnesty International reported Ishag was raised as an Orthodox Christian, her mother’s religion, because her father, a Muslim, was reportedly absent during her childhood.


  • Michael

    “The case has received little media coverage in the United States, there have been no hashtag selfies or Hollywood outcry.”

    Really? I’ve heard and read about this atrocity often over the last several days and a quick Google search shows the story on just about every major news outlet.

    • Darren

      Do you constitute that as getting ample media coverage? You’ve seen this as a reported story on TV news outlets, or has not one news outlet made it a story of interest? You’ve heard the president issue a statement?

      Weak, weak reply just for the purpose of agitating, obviously.

  • Alicia

    When we should come to the aid of fellow christians and standing up for our belief in the one and only true God. We as so called christians keep quiet. God sees US. (United States). We did the same thing when we allowed prayer to be taken out of our schools. When will we wake up or is it already too late. God wants US back. God is with this woman and He will have the last say so! To God be the Praise ALWAYS!!

    • Gnostic Atheist

      Islam and Christianity both worship the same god. Prayer was never take out of our schools, only the ability to force prayer aloud.

      Many of us embrace reality and are fed up with your attempts to make this a theocracy, which is the exact opposite of what the founding fathers wanted.

      Also, you sound just as whacky as your Islamic counterparts.

    • RAWR I'm Hungry

      Have fun wasting away your life on something imaginary. You are a sheep just like all the others. You’d fit in with the rest of the crazies at the local mental hospital. Shouting ‘glory be to god’ all day and night long, while your roommate yells ‘praise be to the boogie man’. You are both equally incomprehensible.

  • mr matt

    I believe what wreg is tring to say is that you will hear nothing from the president becuse he is to busy taking selfies and america is more worried about a nba owner who is a jewish racist

  • Just Me

    This is just out right wrong, and I hope there is interface concerning this matter. If America did this type of justice there would not be crime

  • mr matt

    also i believe wreg3 is trying to say that no hollywood superstar would dare speak negatively about this great african nation where slavery and hate rule

  • thehood

    And Henri Brooks thinks the blacks have it so bad here in Memphis. Well you better what freedom you have, it could be a lot worse.

  • whitesRdevilsanhypicrites

    Adultery is a heinous crime and if it was taken seriously stds,broken homes and etc would not be as prevelant. Adultery is a huge problem in the west but you judge the Sudanese for saying we will not accept it? This lady under sharia would have to be witnessed committing adultery the actual act by three witnesses and if they lie they get same punishment.

  • Linda Payne

    I wonder why Obama can’t step in to try and save that Sudanese woman. He gets us into everything else.

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