Resolution To Raise The Minimum Wage To $10 An Hour For Crittenden County Employees

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(Crittenden County, AR) The debate over raising the minimum wage is taking center stage in Crittenden County, Ark.

Quorum Court Justice Hubert Bass submitted a resolution to raise the minimum wage for county workers in Crittenden County to $10 an hour.

Monday, Bass said the time is right for other Quorum Court members to consider his resolution and pass it.

But not everyone is on the same page.

"I mean nobody can make it on minimum wage, $7.25 an hour or anything under $10 an hour. It would be very hard to meet basic minimum needs," said Hubert Bass, Crittenden County Quorum Court Justice.

Bass said raising the minimum wage for county employees in Crittenden County is long overdue and said county employees "have been undervalued for far to long and it's time to make their hard work pay."

"I think it's a good time to introduce it and get it out there for the people and the court to look at. And hopefully get the people what they deserve, " said Justice Hubert Bass.

But Quorum Court Justice Lisa O'Neal was quick to voice her opposition.

"To be able to do this for our employees would be wonderful. But with our budget it just seems very unrealistic to put that kind of financial strain on the county," said Justice Lisa O'Neal.

O'Neal said Crittenden County employees were given a $500 bonus and a five percent raise last year.

She said raising the minimum wage across the board would  cost the county more than just an average of three dollars.

"You've got unemployment, you've got Social Security, you've got matching funds. You're talking about a great deal more per hour than $10. I just don't feel this is not a safe decision to make on our county," said Lisa O'Neal.

Justice Hubert Bass argues raising the starting minimum wage to $10 an hour "would pump more consumer-spending power to fuel Crittenden County's local economy."

Tommy Donaldson lives in Crittenden County and frequents the Shake Shack in Marion, Arkansas

He said he likes the idea and thinks county employees deserve it.

"Absolutely. I think if they're not making ten dollars an hour, they need to be. With the situation of the prices of everything now, you know," said Tommy Donaldson.

There are between 250 and 300 county workers in Crittenden County.

Justice Bass's  resolution will officially be presented to Quorum Court members this Thursday.


  • Don

    Everyone knows about Minimum wages are. They are a starting place and should be just that. If I were to ask for a job I would expect I would ask about a raise if I did a good job.
    I asked for a job running heavy equipment and the foreman said he would pay me a low wage and if I worked out he would pay me what the other operators, I stated that if he started me at the higher wages and if I didn’t suit him he could always fire me.
    I worked for the company close to 10 years and found another better job.

  • Edward Washington

    Is that the same Lisa O’Neal who is a realtor and has a lawn business. I bet she makes more than minimum wage.

  • Howard Stern

    Hubert Bass is a complete idiot. This guy is attempting to run for Mayor of West Memphis and wants to endear himself to county employees by proposing to increase their pay, while having no thought or regard to the total ramifications of the proposal. While I mean no disrespect to county workers or people making minimum wage, if you want to get yourself out of that situation, you have to do the work to put yourself in a better position. Set yourself a goal of where you want to be, find out what you have to do to accomplish that goal, and do the work and make it happen. If you make the decision – and it is a personal decision – not to go to school and or make an attempt to better yourself, yet you complain about having a minimum wage job, you are a bigger idiot than Hubert Bass.

    As far as Bass, he associates himself with a group of ‘whoa always me’ radicals that blame the white man for all of their problems. He has the mentality that it is still the 1860s and slavery is still going on. It always amazes me that the people that have this mentality usually go nowhere in life due to their own self-destructive attitude and inability to work with others in the diverse culture we live in. There are multitudes of decent African-Americans that have taken the initiative to obtain an education, get a good paying job, and succeed in life. These kinds of people are usually looked down on by Bass and his associates as sell-outs to the black community because they are working for the white man (which is certainly not always the case). Basically, any black person that does not have the same ‘whoa always me’ attitude is a sell-out in their eyes.

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