Rapist Still On The Loose After BBQ Fest Attack

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(Memphis) Security cameras along with hundreds of officers blanket Tom Lee Park during big events, but they're not stopping criminals.

Monday, as the tents from barbecue fest came down, fears went up as more people learned about a violent sexual assault at the park.

It's why women like Nicole Beers always make sure to walk in groups and avoid downtown at night.

"No, never. Occasionally I work down here, but when I do I always have a man walk with me. I don't drink down here."

Madeysn Don did go to barbecue fest Friday night. She says cameras and officers aren't enough, and more light is needed.

"I stayed put, but at the same time it was pretty dark when I did walk around."

This is the second problem at Riverside and Beale during a major celebration in the past year.

Last July 4th, police responded to two different shootings in a matter of minutes.

Over the weekend, a woman was tossed behind a port o potty and raped.

Thousands of people never knew it was going on.

This latest attack is making Nicole Beers rethink ever going to barbecue fest.

"I'm glad that I didn't. I thought I missed out on something good, but after hearing that. It's scary! Why would people do that?"


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