Finances Force Tunica To Re-Impose Garbage Fee

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(Tunica, MS) Wesley Leathers liked getting free garbage pickup for years from the Town of Tunica.

”Well I enjoyed it. You don’t get much free stuff from the government very often. No, no."

Soon, it’s likely he’ll have to pay $10 a month for the privilege of having the Town of Tunica pick up his garbage.

The town’s mayor says the city’s dwindling finances made the new fee necessary.

”With revenue down and because we want to have the utility fund be more self-sufficient, the Board of Aldermen did enact the first garbage fee,” Mayor Chuck Cariker said.

He also said aldermen will vote on it Tuesday night, and it will likely show up on bills by August.

The fees may not end with garbage.

With less casino tax money coming in and a fight with finances with the county, Tunica leaders are looking at other fees to bring in more money to the town.

Cariker says water rates may go up too, not just for the town but for a big chunk of the county the town serves.

But he promises customers will get their money’s worth.

”Twice a week garbage pickup. We’re unique because we provide backyard garbage pickup. We’ll come pick up your can, bring it to the street, dump it, and put it back."

And even though it might cost a little more than some places, Wesley Leathers says it’s less than others.

"Senatobia for instance, my son lives over there, and water, garbage pickup and everything is double or triple what it is here."

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  • Arguenot

    I was in Tunica for a conference about 7 months ago. What a nasty experience in those Casinos. I have been to Vegas and Reno, and mistakingly assumed the Tunica Casinos would at least be somewhere in the ballpark.
    Surly employees, horrible food, and cigarette smoke everywhere. Poor roadway lighting and everything a journey from your hotel (which provides no restaurants) on roads with no signage.

    I went to 4 diffferent Casinos for meals on the shuttles provided, and each was a worse disaster than the last. Horrible management, service and medicore lukewarm food that was identical at every buffet was the norm.

    Not to mention the not so charming sewage smell that was pervasive outside the buildings and the biting wind that nothing had been done to abate.

    Whoever designed the layout of Tunica, with Casinos miles apart, apparently did not bother to research the obviously profitable planning that went into the Big casino areas. No surprise Casinos are leaving and the ones left are like a ghost town.

    Tunica, you better do something before your golden goose flies away for good!

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