Delta Jam’s Sudden Move Leaves Fans Shocked

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(Tunica County, MS) Folks in Tunica felt a little stung Monday evening.

After first losing the Mid-South Fair to Southaven, they’re now losing the Country Music Jam, an event specifically designed to draw tourists to Tunica.

It’s moving to the Snowden Grove Amphitheater, where preparations have already begun.

Even Tunica’s mayor got a shock. He had plans to meet friends and spend the weekend at the concert event on the Harrah’s property near the County line.

”I was. I was really sad it was leaving Tunica and going to Snowden Grove there was a lot of interest coming,” said Chuck Cariker.

The whole reason for the Delta Jam was to draw visitors to Tunica, visitors who would then drop a few dollars at the county’s casinos.

”Of course, there will be some effect on it but as far as we’re concerned at Sam’s Town it’s our 20th anniversary,” said Chris Wade of Sam's Town.

Sam’s Town isn’t the only place with it’s own celebration going on. Other casinos say they have similar plans to bring people in.

Sources close to the situation tell me Harrah’s got caught by surprise as much as anyone here and that the concert’s sudden move has little, if anything, to do with the fact Harrah’s has put up the for sale sign on this property.

Those same sources say anyone with hotel reservations should have no trouble canceling them with 24-hours notice.

Casinos say it’s sad to see the concert go, but they’ll work together to keep crowds coming their way.

”This being a holiday weekend, everybody wants to come out so it really, I don’t think it’s gonna affect our numbers at all,” said Wade.

So far, concert promoters have offered no firm explanation for the sudden change.

Music lovers like Cariker say they’ll stay at home and forgo a trip to Southaven for the Concert.

”It is gone for good? I have no idea."

We contacted concert promoters for more of an explanation on the sudden move, but never got a response.