Violent Five-On-One Fight Breaks Out At Subway Restaurant

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(Memphis) A place that normally serves club sandwiches turned into a fight club Thursday night.

A female employee at Subway was attacked by five girls while she was working. Some of the girls arrested were employees at the Shelby Drive store.

The store manager told WREG the group had an ongoing argument, but a threatening text message was the tipping point.

Anyone who saw and heard the fight say it was a violent throw-down, with five girls taking on one.

Johnnie Mae Williams owns a barber shop next to the Subway and said she saw the aftermath of the fight.

"I did see the girl that got hurt, and she didn't look good," Williams said.

Subway Manager Andy Patel said he got a call Thursday night about a fight in his store.

Police said five women - Jessica Baptist, Tandeka Sesson, Taquerria Walls and two juveniles - attacked Kandace Turley while she was working at the store.

No customers were inside at the time, but police say a friend of Turley's was hit with a crow bar when she tried to help.

Patel said Turley and others involved in the fight worked at his store, and the fight started when one threatened the other over text message.

"This girl was sending a text message to the other girl saying if she came to work in the morning over here, she would beat her on the face," Patel said.

The sister of one of the girls arrested told WREG Patel fired her, because she told the station about the fight.

"I asked him, 'Why are you firing her?' He said, 'Because she brought the news people up here,'" the woman said.

The girl did not call WREG, and Patel said he fired her because she was the one who sent the text.

The mother of one of the juvenile girls arrested said her daughter was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"I do believe my daughter will be proven innocent before it's over, because I won't give up fighting to find out the truth in this," Tammy Walls said.

Williams said she is just sad to see so many young people throw their lives away.

"I was really sad to see young ladies acting that way," she said. "That saddens me to see young ladies act that way."

WREG is told the girl who was attacked will be OK.

Baptist, Sesson and Walls are all charged with aggravated assault.

Patel has not decided if he will fire the other girls involved in the fight.


  • bambam84

    The First Rule Of The Subway Is, You Do Not Talk About The Subway.
    The Second Rule Of The Subway Is, You DO NOT Talk About The Subway.”

  • Dr. JohnS

    The 5 girls were just cowards to fight with one girl who was working.. Where have the mothers been through their life that their daughters would act like this. First you learn self respect then you are able to learn respect of others. This is just terrible and more of what we do not need in Memphis.

  • Light Skindeded Dude

    Oh come on! Ray Charles can see what’s going on here! Look at the girl being attacked, and look at who’s anticking her! If you have nice looking, well mannered child, enroll them now in self defense classes as SOON AS POSSIBLE, if they are going to live here in this city. (SMH)

  • 1midtownmike

    Howdy whitesRdevilsanhypicrites. Give me your opinion on ………….
    A. The Rodney King riots.
    B. Urban youth playing “knockout.
    C. The current state of Raleigh Springs, Hickory Ridge and Southland
    D. The surrender of Memphis City Schools charter.
    E. The inevitable bankruptcy the city of Memphis will file for due to the
    pension crisis.

    Peace out bro.

  • nothing but the truth

    You people are blind. All these murders and assaults are really white people disguised as blacks.

  • Sick of Blame Game

    This BS of white versus black and the feeling of “the world owes me” is why Memphis is failing big time! Stop the blame game, put your big girl/boy undies on!!! Here is what y’all need to do ASAP:
    1. Stop wasteing time being angry
    2. Stop expecting other people to set a proper example for children
    3. Get a job and support yourself/children
    4. Actually practice what is taught in the massive churches
    5. Get educated-not University if Ghetto either
    6. Learn how to productive members of society-behavior, no drugs, no prostitution, no having kids when you are still a kid, and stop living the life if a victim from events that ended 150+ years ago!!!!!!

  • Sick of Blame Game

    Take responsibility for your actions-it is no ones fault/responsibility that your life is the way it is. We each are the master of our destiny!!!!!!! Memphis has a lot to be proud of. No other city changed the sound of the world and continues to do so each and every day. Take ownership of your amazing city-love it and love yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don

    “I asked him, ‘Why are you firing her?’ He said, ‘Because she brought the news people up here,’” the woman said.

    The Raghead doesn’t realize he couldn’t buy the advertising, and the idiot up and fired the girl

  • CaliBornMemphisRaised

    Most white people here are not purely white and if the are, they’re not one race of white, they’re mixed with German, Irish, Italian, etc.. The USA is referred to as The Melting Pot for a reason… Get over things that happened over 100 years ago. Get over things that happened yesterday. It’s your life, you are in control of it. There is not a soul in the world preventing any of you from doing anything. We control what we are going to do with our lives. Yes, things happen, good and bad. Try to focus on the positive things and reflect that onto the people in your life. I’m just so sick and tired of hearing everyone point fingers at black and whites, back and forth. It’s ridiculous. I have hispanics, indians, blacks, and whites in my family. A lot of them have mixed children. There’s no greater evil than the hatred that rots in the hearts of all people. There’s no one innocent besides Jesus, himself.

  • whoyoukiddin

    Typical Memphis family. Don’t know who da daddy is, but lets have too many kids and live off the system. Then this happens and da mama says my baby wouldn’t do th

    • Mary Jo

      Its really sad to hear all the racial comments and the like. This is exactly what Satan wants you to do. Blame each other, continue the rhetoric and not focus on the real issue of God’s sovereignty. Only God’s kingdom(world central goverment)can solve mankind’s problems. That is why we pray for his kingdom to come and let his will be done on earth. Matt 6: 9, 10 Once that kingdom takes control of the earth violence and oppression will be gone forever. Ps 72: 14;Ps 37: 11

    • Bassplayer

      Guess you are what we call a comment nazi,,you want to regulate what is said,,hmmm wonder if you’d say the same thing if this was a reversed situation??? I think not..

  • JohnSisreallyaTranny

    I bet Whitesaredevils is either on the payroll or a friend of the news 3 crew. His stuff never gets takin off. A little racist I would say on the part of news 3. Doesn’t surprise me

  • disgustedblackwoman

    I think all if you have gotten off the subject. 5 girls jumped on one it is a sad affair thatso some of my sisters are so ignorant. But ignorance is bliss isn’t it? I live in Arkansas my 13 yr old daughter had a fight with a 12 try old now they mammies are instigating I’m sick of black women making us all look bad out here fighting with your children. West Memphis police took my daughter to juvenile and threatened to take me when I tried to tell them they had been messing with my children for the past few days while they let this other person walk away I’m trying to talk with some sense I guess I’m an uppity n—- the powers that be don’t care if we kill each other we get our butts on tv with broken English looking crazy stuff glued in our heads and faces they laugh at us but we think we the s— I’m just truly saddened to see another story like this I have 2 beautiful daughters and its just scary if I try to defend my daughter I’m threatened with jail unfortunately I’m sorry to say lock them up for as long as you can I see Why white people treat us the way that do look how we act

  • JohnSisreallyaTranny

    Sportsfan I meant their people in Africa doesn’t want them their either. Whitesavagedevils dude why didn’t you answer the questions? Guess you couldn’t just like the question what does the C stand for in NAACP. You don’t want to answer it cuz you know we are right. You are a racist chipmunk.

  • donaknowsitall

    Why are whitesRdevilsanhypicrites comments allowed to stay here? He or she, cannot tell by the name, spews nothing but hate. Everything he/she posts should be taken out. He/she can repost all they want, keep taking them out.
    Erase him/her. Erase the hate.
    whitesRdevilsanhypicrites really does hate the white people – need I say that that is why Memphis is and will probably always be considered a racist place to live and work.

  • Terrie

    This was not 5 girls. its 5 girls and the 3 over 18 witches faces they pasted on the front page. Now, they may be the girls mothers. who knows but they should charge them all as adults.

  • Terminus

    I am black, white, & hispanic…I dont know what to do.?????? Whats my race? I am so confused….Somebody help!

  • TheWalkingDeadSeason5

    Go wreg3! I love news channel3. They always remind me of how racist this city is. Please dont take down these racial comments because the children of this generation really needs this type of fuel. Go Wreg3!

  • Memphiscrazymom

    The white woman Leslie Mann Houston who told her kid to shoot her husband in the head. Is now released on probation son still in custody but goes home on the weekends. They are not supposed to be around the husband Houston but they all live together with guns in the house. Memphis is slow on its crime. They live next door to me on Estridge. Sad

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