Graceland Hotel Plans Revealed

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(Memphis) We now have a first look at the plans for the new Graceland hotel.

It's a 450-room hotel Elvis Presley Enterprises wants to construct on their property.

They call it the Guest House of Graceland.

We are told there will be a restaurant, a sports facility and a performance theater.

The Whitehaven community came out to see the new plans at a public meeting at the Elvis Presley Car Museum.

The response was overwhelmingly positive.

“I don't think anybody in here would want to speak against this project 'cause this is a long time coming,” one resident stood up and said.

No one spoke out against the $70 million project that, if approved, will break ground in August.

Residents liked what they heard.

"They are going to keep as many trees as possible and that's what makes a good neighborhood,” Whitehaven resident Carra Williams said.

"Bringing back the conventions in our area instead of it all being downtown,” Whitehaven property owner Pam young said.

The hotel would reportedly bring between 75 and 100 jobs.

"I'm glad to know that. Its' a great plan,” Johnny Smith said.

The new hotel, is planned to open in August of 2015 and will mean the closing of the The Heartbreak Hotel.


  • Zib Zab

    What’s the matter, can’t comment on the soldier living a double life as a gang member story?

    It’s ok, we’ll just start putting your stories on topix and everyone will go over there and use free speech to talk about this sorry town.

  • Ricky

    Dead in the water when police and firemen leave in droves. There will be so much crime in those hallways and parking lots that everyone will curse Memphis and never return as soon as they’re a victim. Ya have to have your priorities right, A. to the C..

  • SayNoMore

    Great idea!! It can revitalize the community and generate much hotel revenue for that area (that goes elsewhere) . The community will have to be vigilant about what it accepts as standard behavior and the City must support the community in its efforts. I’m certain the City will strongly support this vision, given the location to an A1 tourist attraction and our Airport. Congrats and much success to those sponsoring and funding this project!!

  • Jay Mikesell

    Maybe this will be the beginning of getting rid of the trash(low life thugs and drug dealers) in Whitehaven and returning that once proud culturally mixed community back to its glory days. FYI, Whitehaven was the first multi-racial middle class community in Memphis back in the late 60’s.

    Those who don’t see the importance or how it will affect the community in a positive way are either blind or simply haters.

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