Settlement Reached In Battle Over Lorenzen Wright Trust Fund

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(WREG-TV) The trust fund hearing involving murdered NBA star Lorenzen Wright's children has been resolved, according to his ex-wife's attorneys.

Sherra Wright has attended hearings this week, and spent more than six hours Wednesday explaining where the $973,000 she spent within ten months went.

Her attorney, Christopher Donovan, would not say anything else about the settlement.

The guardian ad litem, Darryl Gresham, released the following statement:

“On behalf of the minor children of Sherra Robinson and Lorenzen Wright, the parties to this action would like to announce that all matters in controversy in this court and any other court involving these parties have been resolved and the parties, including the children, are focused on healing and moving forward.”

For the last several days, Sherra Wright has been in a court fight with Lorenzen's father, Herb Wright, over who has control of the children's estate.

Minutes after taking the witness stand Thursday morning, Sherra Wright faced
cross-examination by her own lawyer.

He was asking how she handled the monthly $925 Social Security payments each of her children received after the death of their father.

"No initial account had been received or anything," said Sherra Wright.

Sherra's attorney hinted her former lawyer never submitted an accounting of the kids' money, based on what Sherra saw when she went to the office.

Herb Wright's attorney, Ruby Wharton, tried to stop the testimony, saying it was leading the witness.

It would be one of several objections before court recessed.

Wharton, a long time attorney and the wife of Mayor AC Wharton, wasn't holding back, pushing her client's point that Sherra Wright has gone through a $1 million insurance policy by buying homes and luxury cars.

"I hope it's going well and judge is listening intently. That's all I have to say," Ruby Wharton said outside of court.

She wouldn't speculate on the outcome of case, but by the afternoon a settlement had been reached.

Sherra Wright's attorney says it ends a long court fight over the children's money.

Lorenzen Wright was shot to death in 2010 in a deserted area in Southeast Memphis. His murder is unsolved.


  • Bytemeagain

    The only thing Sherra Wright should get is some pocket lint and 20 years in jail for withholding knowledge about Lorenzen’s murder.

    Any money left should be placed in a trust for his children to receive in full when they turn 21. In the meantime, his mother should get custody of his children, and a conservator not affiliated with the family should be in charge of handling the remaining finances from Lorenzen’s estate.

    • Willie Dynamite

      Sherra knew nothing about Lorenzen’s murder. Lorenzen’s murderer is already in jail and will never see the light of day. Once the detectives found this out they left well enough alone. How can you punish a man who is serving multiple life sentences ?

    • Joan

      That is very close to what Lorenzen’s father was petitioning the court for in this case. He wanted a third party to be the trustee.

  • 1midtownmike

    $925 a month in Social Security for each child after the death of their father who earned $55 million in 13 years?

    That’s messed up when you consider a veteran who served his/her country coming back minus a limb and living on the street.

    Thanks LBJ. This great society is working miracles!

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    I just reread whole story. Did I miss something?? Whats the verdict??? I mean who now has control over the financial end after that woman BLEW all that money in less than 10 mos???

    • Ashley Crockett

      There is no verdict – the two parties agreed on a settlement. However, they are not divulging the details of the settlement.

  • Tack

    The law enforcement community should get to seize all assets of his due to dealing drugs. Period.

  • BrooklynnR

    Seems a little too late for this court battle don’t cha think? Because at this point why waste lawyer fees and court time on money that IS ALREADY GONE??!!! Is the father-in-law mad he did not get any of it for himself? Dude move on, you are wasting peoples time and energy over something that will NOT bring back that million dollars!!! I really think this is less about the money and more about the fact Lorenzen’s family (and public perception) has never cleared Sherra Wright of being a “suspect”, but fact of the matter is whether involved or not, she was never charged. Isn’t it innocent till proven guilty? This city is like a dog with a bone when it comes to this Lorenzen dude. If police had evidence against her she would have been charged, but she wasn’t. So this family, the media and the city really should move on. #MoveOnPeople

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