City To Crack Down On Dumping Problem At Recreational Area

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(Memphis) It's hard to miss the people off I-40 and Covington Pike, the perfect place for kids young and old to play.

Mud riders, 4-wheelers, dog owners - it draws them all.

Lately, it's drawn someone else, who's been dumping garbage all along the trails and the woods. There's everything from boxes that look like they've been left behind from a move to construction materials.

“I hope the city can come and clean it so it doesn't happen again,” said one 4-wheel rider.

It's not a park, but the city owns the land. There aren't any private property signs at the entrance to the dumping ground, just a faded placard from the mayor's action center threatening to fine those who dump anything out here.

Public Works Director Dwan Gilliom didn't know about the dumping and couldn't immediately make the time to meet us to see it.

He did say a sign was put in to deter people from dumping but it never did any good.

He promised crews would get on it Friday.

Those playing out here hope the city can keep the plot of land open. They just want everyone safe and are asking for cameras or police patrols