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Summer Reading Program Gets A Facelift

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(Memphis) Reading is fundamental, but there is an entire world beyond the pages.

The Memphis Public Library is giving their 30-year-old summer reading program a facelift.

"Previously our summer reading program has always cared about the number of books that you've read and we still care about that, but we also care about all of the great things people are doing," Jason Sharp, one of the organizers, said.

The public library, along with Explore Memphis, is encouraging customers to explore the city.

"Go out and take advantage of some of these free days like the Memphis Zoo or the Dixon Art Gallery," Sharp said.  "There are so many amazing museums that we have."

The idea is to get people learning about the subjects that interest them.

They are calling the program S.T.E.A.M.

"Science, technology, engineering, arts, and math," Beth Dailey Kenneth said.

The topics are paired with books and activities to match.

"Programs such as Myth-busters where we'll be outside using diet coke and mentoes to make an explosion," Kenneth explained.

Another program titled Cupcake Wars encourages participants to not only  decorate cakes but learn how your taste buds work.

The programs are a lot of fun but also very important for students.

"Children who do not read or do activities that develop the mind will usually lose a third of a school year," Kenneth said.

The library said it is equivalent to $700.00 of your money going down the drain.

Instead of losing out, the Memphis Public Library said they have a solution to help Memphians gain something.

The program begins June 2, 2014.

If interested, you can sign up on the library's website.  Children under 12-years-old will have to sign up by visiting their local library branch.

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  • donthidebehindurscreen

    This is such wonderful news! I can’t wait to sign my kids up for this, they’re going to love it!

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