Commissioner Henri Brooks Stands By Racially Charged Remarks

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(Memphis) Shelby County Commission Chairman James Harvey says he wishes he did more to stop Henri Brooks controversial comments earlier this week.

Harvey said, "I don't care if they're African-American or white, or some other class. Right is right and wrong is wrong."

Brooks got into a heated dispute over race relations with a Hispanic business owner at Tuesday's meeting, and lashed out at other commissioners, referring to Caucasian member as "the man in the sheet."

Harvey told me it's not his job to "police" other commissioners, but a few of them told him Brooks' comments offended them. Even for her, this was too much.

WREG commentator Otis Sanford says Brooks may be trying to pander to her voter base since she's running for Juvenile Court Clerk.

Sanford added, "This is very diverse community and you cannot play one against the other and that's what she did and she did it in a very insulting way."

The message in Memphis is about coming together as one, but some say comments like the ones Brooks made do the exact opposite.

Harvey said, " We would be remiss by saying we should forget the past but we can learn from the past and not be crippled by the past."

Sanford says her behavior is insulting and shameful, and she should apologize on her own and not have to be asked to.

"I just hope that the whole community sort of says enough of this I mean we've had the Donald Sterling stuff we've had an operational animosity going around both locally and nationally to last a lifetime."


  • It's God's Will

    I’m gonna say this and leave out the room, Stop sewing seeds of hate in your Latino brothers and sisters. Like it or not, they have the numbers here in the united states to effect the political climate for years to come, EVEN THE PRESIDENCY! Show respect to you fellow man, and he will understand your plight. Sew seeds of hate, and when these people and the Chinese who already owns this country take what’s theirs (from sheer numbers and overwhelming economic power) your descendants will look fondly on the era of Anglo-Saxon rule, because these people will show no mercy.

  • Long Gone

    When you’re standing in line to pay 700 dollars for towing and storage to get your 900 dollar car out of impound for unpaid parking fees. Think of how much this women has done to inprove the quality your life.

    Some day it will dawn on people that elections have consequences

  • Rob

    The people of Memphis have got to be tired of race batters like her and Janice Fulidrugged. If a white man had called her a cotton picker there would be pickets outside of the courthouse and businesses all over the city. When is it wrong for a black woman in power to speak to a fellow councilman with such disrespect. And it was such a slap to all Memphisns, of all colors. If Memphis votes her in anywhere it speaks volumes of the trash you elect and the trash you are. Do the right thing Memphis, put this bully and hater in her rightful place and out of politics!

  • The McNairy Kid

    With people like this arrogant, insulting racist black in Shelby County government, it’s no wonder Memphis and Shelby County continue to fall apart in every respect. It’s to bad that the Latino didn’t hit her right in her insulting, abusive and abrasive mouth.

  • Johnissmokinonkingwillieswillie

    Yeah Negros watch out cuz y’all are killing each other’s in massive amounts. Please keep up the great work. John you are. a D bag. That’s a lady item

  • Lacy Wilson

    She should be treated just like white people, Paula Deen & Donald Sterling. She should now lose her job, and be sued for her RACIALLY CHARGED REMARKS. If she does not lose her job, I am going to put a lawsuit against City of Memphis for Discrimination. I will be watching and having others watch this case, enough is enough.

  • Bill Geyer

    Henry Brooks has made it perfectly clear that “Making the playing field even for minority contracts”, and anything else that has to do with “making things even for minorities” only applies if only blacks are considered the minority. No way Memphis or Shelby County will move ahead with this thinking. The sad thing is, she will most likely win whatever election she is in, because she will win the vote based on skin color. Keep voting based on skin color Memphis/Shelby County, and this is what you will get… More of the same. You deserve what you get.

  • Joe

    Why isn’t this on national news? People need to see the mentality of these idiots ruining Memphis and Shelby County.

  • Jerry B.

    This is a great time for Memphis to see the real colors of the people abusing their positions, We can see the future of Memphis by seeing who her supporters are and voting accordingly to right the wrongs already done.

  • ManofGod

    I am a black person and I must admit that if a white person had made this comment, he would be forced to give up his position. Reverse racism at its finest! What a shame.

  • whitesRdevilsanhypicrites

    You whites are easy to manipulate by a negro like me. A few choice comments and you instantly show your inate false white superiority complex. The only reason you accuse Ms. Brooks of being racist because you want Pancho or Miguel to remain exploitable by you.

  • whitesRdevilsanhypicrites

    Notice the same comments the Latinos work for low pay? The whites are clearly saying as long as they can pay and exploit latinos they ate very happy to play this we love the latins game! Lol and they STILL cant show one racist thing she said aganist Latinos. Whites are exploiters!

  • Hard Truths

    As an active Democrat, I urge the Democratic Party to kick this racist imbecile off the ticket.

    Henri Brooks has ALWAYS been a DISGRACEFUL FREAKSHOW.

    If she were white, she’d be in the K lan.

  • Anita

    Brooks needs to do some reading before she continues on her rants of ” look how bad we have had it, and only us” American Holocaust by Davis Stannard is a good start and watching the movie, Zoot Suit would be another. I remember my father being good enough to clean peoples yards and garages, but not being allowed to use their bathrooms or get a drink of water from anything but a paper cup. He also worked in the fields for years starting as a child with the bag he used to pick cotton so much bigger than he was. How dare this woman try to minimize the struggles of other minorities to justify her racist attitude.

  • George Lizard

    Only white people can be racist in Memphis. I am another white tax payer and business owner that is moving lock stock and barrel out of Shelby county. Eventually Memphis will have no tax payers left. Who is going to pay for the city? Henri Brooks should be sanctioned. She is the sheet person.

  • james

    It’s not an excuse you guys tainted the system with evil injustice now open wide and swallow and furthermore I went to school after Brown-v-Board of Education .So the repercussions is the fact that you guys messed it up system now clean it up ..I see now apparently you just don’t understand what affirmative action is all about,,well here;is some education for you .Back in the 60’s blacks couldn’t attend yall white colleges or schools so the late justice Thurgood Marshall took the case to court Brown-v-the Board, you getting it now? and based upon his challenge the state was forced to desegregate schools, get it, but until then you guys was getting all of the federal monies needed for colleges while we wasnt getting any at all, until the states revised the laws ,and now you want to take that back, (THE dEVIL IS A LAIR) .You see kiddo you”ll never see it from our perspective because you’re not black you get it Its not just about black and white anymore, its about respecting our history. We as blacks build the back bone of this country now respect that, and just in case you just cant respect that ,than just leave it alone and let it be, cause i see now, some of you guys will never understand us but inspite of that we still love yall ,Peace out.

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