Mother Refuses To Attend Another Parole Hearing For Drunk Driver

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(Memphis) After 12 years in prison, a Memphis woman says she’s ready for her freedom.

In 2002, Christina Morgan was driving drunk when she killed two Southwind Middle School students and seriously injured a third.

Wednesday, family members of the victims killed protested her parole.

One mother even vowed after three hearings in 12 years, this is the last hearing she’ll ever attend.

Mother Maria Akpotu said, “I don't want to see you, you have suffered me and punished me more than I think I deserve."

You can still hear the pain in the voice of the parents that spoke at the hearing. They attended the video parole hearing to oppose the release of Morgan.

When asked to speak at the hearing Christina Morgan said, “I want to apologize for my actions. When I was younger I lived a reckless lifestyle however throughout the years I’ve changed.”

Morgan’s friends spoke on her behalf saying prison was wearing on her mentally and she’d have a home and people to watch over her if she’s released.

When it was time for the parents of Edgar Akpotu and Malcolm Williams to speak, they made it clear why they think Morgan should stay in prison.

"She’s supposed to be plea bargaining for 20 years. Now, this is 12 years and she's come up for parole a third time,” said father Malcolm Williams.

Williams’ son, who was named after him, and the child’s mother, Deborah Jenkins, were both on hand for the hearing.

Jenkins said, “Every time I come to the parole hearing I expect to see some remorse from Christina Morgan and each time she doesn't know my son's name and she killed my son."

A decision is expected about Morgan's release in the next 3 weeks. Whatever the parole board decides Maria Akpotu is passionate this is the last hearing she’ll ever attend.

“All we see is the beauty that he gave us for 12 years. That's all we see now. She has no hold over us. I don't want to see her. I don't want to hear her voice and I mean it,” said Akpotu.

There was one survivor of that day, Jake Overzet.

Neither he nor his family was at this hearing.

WREG is told Jake made a miraculous recovery and has now graduated from college.


  • The Real Nonya

    She killed two children and she thinks she has done enough time. How she only received 20 years is a question I’d like to have answered. She got behind the wheel of a car drunk, that is premeditated.

    Leave her in prison for every day of her 20 years.

    To the parents: I am sorry for you loss, but do not give up! Keep going to her parole hearings and make d-a-m-n sure she does every day of her ultra light sentence.

    She should be thankful I wasn’t the judge and only received the 20. If it was up to me she would be in prison for as long as those parents are without their child.

    • Russlee Litterell

      She took a plea bargain for 20 yrs. Incredible I know but that is what happened and why she is not serving life. Even more incredible is that in the 12 yrs she has served she has been eligible for parole 3 times. My personal opinion is that if she agreed to serve 20 in lieu of trial then she should have to serve the 20.


    Parole hearing? Are you serious she killed two people why is she even being considered for parole ….she ought to get life!!!! Then its children she killed. This has got to be a joke for real she made A CHOICE to drink ,then get in a car and drive and THAT choice led to her killing someone she killed some babies who had they’re whole future ahead of them and it was taken from them THIS IS SOOOO WRONG ! My prayers go out to this family and it sad and heartbreaking that they even have to go through this

  • blahblabh

    Morgan’s friends spoke on her behalf saying prison was wearing on her mentally and she’d have a home and people to watch over her if she’s released.

    Prison is not suppose to be easy. Are these people that are going to watch over her willing to go to prison for her too when she screws up? Let her rot in prision. She murdered 2 children.

  • Th

    “I have people to watch over me.”said chistina Morgan …….so that mean she have not change at all and she will continue to be same person she was when injured and took two precious angels from their parents. Let her serve the unfair time that system sentenced her because she should have got more than 20 years..And God will see to her.

    • Austin Craig

      I know its very hard to loose your children probally harder than i can imagine. But ive went and seen Christina and she has changed her life. she goes to church . and i miss her she’s my mother .

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