Giving Back To Someone Who Has Given To So Many

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(WREG-TV) There are special teachers from when we grew up we'll never forget. They made learning fun because they seemed to have so much fun teaching.

This week, our playmaker wanted to pass on our $600 gift to a teacher who's had a huge impact on her son, and who now could really use the help.

Playmaker Kathy Chadwick says dedicated doesn't begin to describe Ms. Toni Clymer, even despite a pretty rough year.

Her husband was laid off before last Christmas, and putting even more of a strain on the family budget was her son Austin's serious baseball injury.

A senior at Arlington High, his dreams of a college scholarship vanished when doctors discovered the injury was worse than first thought.

Insurance paid for 80 percent of the two surgeries, but the remaining 20 percent still was more than they could afford.

Kathy said it was a no-brainer to write Pass It On.

"I wanted to give back to someone who's given to so many."

We get to Lucy Elementary with the rain pouring down, but nothing was going to wipe the smile off Kathy's face.

Principal Dr. Detris escorted us to Ms. Clymer's class, which was just about to wrap up for the day.

Ms. Clymer couldn't wait to go home and show her husband the extra help they just got to pay their medical bills.

"I'm just so grateful. This is awesome. It's amazing."

And Kathy says it was just as amazing to Pass It On.

Things already looking up for the Clymers.

Toni's husband has a new job, and now hopefully they've been able to chip away at that medical debt and put that rough year behind them.


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