Man Arrested After Ramming Truck Into Baltimore TV Station

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(Baltimore, MD) A man has been arrested after ramming a truck into a Baltimore television station.

The building was evacuated and no injuries were reported.

WMAR-TV posted this to its Facebook page, “ALERT | Stay away from ABC2 News studio at 6400 York Road. A man in a truck crashed through the lobby and is potentially armed. Will update as needed.”

Brian Kuebler, a former WREG-TV reporter tweeted everyone has been accounted for, “Just really unnerved and confused.”

Kuebler said he heard the man yelling, ‘Let me in’ and saying he was God.

The building now has a large hole where lobby doors used to be located.


  • R. E.

    Nonya: Wow; you”re totally heartless!! There are some people in this area that have relatives in Boston. Maybe they care!! Mom always said: ” … if you can’t say something kind, then keep your trap shut!!”.

    • YouKnowI'mRight

      That’s sweet that you have relatives in Boston. Thanks for letting us know. This barricade situation is happening in Baltimore, Maryland, but it’s still nice of you to let us know about your Yankee relatives.

  • team shelby

    Please stop allowing people to leave negative racial or stereotypical remarks. It is out of hand and it just demonstrates the anger that we have in the city. It is a problem that has to stop if we want to have a beautiful Memphis again and perhaps if WREG would choose only to let comments show up that are valid show we might not continue to add fuel to the fire.

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