Contaminated Water Concerns In Collierville

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(Memphis) There are big concerns over dangerous chemicals seeping into the ground in Collierville.

One homeowner says if it's not cleaned up, she's moving out.

Chemicals from an old machine plant could be making their way towards the city's water plant.

The Environmental Protection Agency has placed the Walker Machine Plant on its superfund site list for cleanup.

The problem is dangerous chemicals have seeped into the ground. The Environmental Protection Agency calls it a superfund but don't let the name fool you - this is not good news.

The EPA says these chemicals were used to clean products at the old Walker Machine Plant that closed  in 2002.

Now these chemicals are inching their way near one of the city's water tanks. About a quarter mile from it, to be exact, and it's a little too close for comfort, according to the feds.

Marie Westbrooks lives behind the plant and says she got a letter a few weeks ago talking about this issue. Shes thinking about moving because of it.

"I am very serious about my health because of my house I have my grandchild all the end of the elderly people in the neighborhood," she said.

City officials insist the water is safe, and say they are doing everything they can to keep it that way.

Mark Heuberger is a spokesperson for the town.

He said,  "The one good thing about it is we don't have a well that pumps water into our system anywhere in the vicinity of this site. There is a water station near it."

Basically that means this superfund site is not a source for the city's water, but it's still a red flag.

The next step is the EPA will come in and measure the contamination levels, and then pour non-toxic neutralizing chemicals in the area to counteract the dangerous ones.

Environmental experts tell WREG this process will take years and cost millions of dollars, but the federal government has set aside money to help deal with these dangerous cleanups.

Town officials say they will keep residents updated on their website, and through letters in the mail.

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  • C-ville

    Why hasn’t the Piper-Smalley superfund site in Collierville been cleaned up if the EPA has money set aside for these situations?

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