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UPDATE: Two More Men Charged For Murder Of Couple Found By 7-Year-Old

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(Memphis) Three men are now behind bars in Memphis, charged with killing an Orange Mound couple more than two weeks ago.

James and Danielle Alexander were found shot to death, by one of their daughters who was 7-years-old at the time.

The little girl, who saw her parents after they were killed, had a birthday on Monday and learned whom police said pulled the trigger.

"Each day you process a little bit part of it differently," Dejuana England said. "As a mother, I probably will always have moments when I cry because she's my baby. I gave birth to her."

England said after the tears, she is finally able to smile again now that police made an arrest.

Ricky Durham, known as PK on the streets, is charged two counts of first-degree murder in perpetration of a theft.

Two others, 18-year-old Kendrick Stark and 21-year-old Devin Gary, were also charged with two counts of first-degree murder in perpetration of a theft.

"From the looks of it, from what I can see, it looks like it," England said.

Durham told police he was in the house and stole a TV.

However, he claims he is not responsible for killing the couple.

WREG obtained pictures from Durham's Facebook page that show him toting gun after gun.

Durham also served time in jail for aggravated burglary two years ago.

"I think this time, it got that, maybe it got a little bit out of control," England said.

Even if Durham is found guilty, England said she has already forgiven him.

"You might have wished that it were you, or you might have wished that it were someone else, but it wasn't. It was your child," England said. "You have to grieve, cry when you need to cry, but you got to keep on living. You got to keep on going."

A fund has been set up for the children.

You can donate to the Alexander Children’s Benefit Fund at any SunTrust bank in Memphis.


  • midtown mike

    According to Fox 13’s website, Durham claims to have been inside the house stealing a TV, but says he didn’t murder the couple.

    Anyway, let’s treat him with dignity and respect because he is a child of God whose DNA goes back to a woman in Africa.

    Something just caused him to snap. That’s all.

    • gary

      Yeah he might be a descendant of royalty you never know ,I know I got an email from Nigeria said a prince had died and they needed me to help finding his millions he had stashed somewhere.

  • Jan

    My heart is broken for the children and family. How often has it been said that a murderer not only affects the victim’s family; he affects his own? I just wish these people deciding to take a life would just stop and think. I am grief stricken because of this tragedy. The focus is on the children, no dad or mom. Something has got to give…

  • Black on black crime please stop

    This is just a sad case all the way around…..i still have a problem with the video that was posted. I still think it had something to do with it.

  • Vera

    Maybe the Family feel a little relieved now.May God bless those children bcause there’s no one like your own parents. And to the grandmother make sure you love them like their your Own children believe me from experience it will make a difference in the way the children will grow mentally.And yes I’m speaking from experience.

  • luelue

    thank god someone had to answer he is not the only one so who ever u is just turn your self in because you is not going to rest do the right thing

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