Police: Woman Beat Child Over School Grade

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(Memphis) A Memphis mother is charged with beating her 6-year-old son so badly, he had to be taken to the hospital.

When we knocked on Latasha Green's door, a man cracked the door open. As soon as he learned who we were, he walked away.

Memphis Police told us the boy kept throwing up at school last month and was sluggish.

The child ended up at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital where doctors found the boy had cuts, a cracked skull, and a damaged pancreas.

The child's body was punched and kicked and he had been whipped in the face.

He reportedly told police he was beaten because he received a 'needs improvement' for conduct on his report card.

Green was arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse and is out on a $25,000 bond.


  • biz59

    I certainly hope that the child is OUT of this mothers care beings she is out on bond. She was arrested due to beating him over grades, she could abuse him again for her being arrested. This is scary and he is a young child and this is ridiculous. There is a difference in correcting your child and talking to them. Sounds to me like she is the one who has mis conduct and fails her grade as a parent. This is sick and she needs to be locked up until her court date and the child needs to be in foster care and than loved by someone who will take care of him and teach him the correct way and not beat him. This is awful

  • Kelly

    Why is she out??? Anyone who would do this to their child needs to stay locked up. Also, some anger management classes should be involved. Poor kid.

  • Terrie

    whyyyyy is shw out ????? You bunch of weasles! Are you scared of her or her kind?? Shame on you for letting her go!!

  • evette

    Theyu should charge her with attempted murder. A beating for a N in conduct, this scum bucket probably dosent know whtat the N stands for.
    The poor kid had to go to school with a cracked skull….I wish they could charge her with attempted murder.

  • midtown mike

    Please do not judge this woman. Dr JohnS will tell you she deserves respect and should be treated with dignity. Her DNA comes from a woman in Africa!
    What have you done to see the positive in the child’s beating that makes Memphis a better place?

    • Dr. JohnS

      Mike, did you notice all the people who showed concern for the child? That to me is positive, no racism, no bigotry – just concern. She is a human being though who for some reason just lost it. Maybe mental health, maybe jail, the woman is a human being who needs some help. My heart bleeds for the child, no one should suffer as did he.

      • 1midtownmike

        Are you calling me a racist or a bigot for defending the mama because she is a child of God who deserves respect and dignity because of a DNA link to Africa?

  • R. E.

    My child also got a “less than desirable” conduct grade. Instead of any physical punishment, she got a talking to & had to write 10 reasons for behaving in class! We posted that on her bedroom wall. That was before Christmas & there have been no repeats of the bad grade. Kindness & love work best!!

    • Wake Up

      Sample size of one brain trust. My oldest would own you. My youngest just needs a stern look.

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    From the news last several wks Idk why most women bother to have kids. Theyr either.beating the shit out of them or killing them. Smh

  • TheLevelHead

    Please do not rush to judgment, folks.

    Let’s see if there’s an improvement with his next report card.

  • kay

    How sad! so so sad, she is called a MOTHER, she needs to shot,
    a bullet to the head, if she did it once she will do it again, poor little kid.
    a sorry POS, taking up air and space

  • not sure

    I am all for discipline of a child, but this is what i call going to far. And only a 25,000 bond come on they give drug dealers more of bond. She deserves to beat like that, but she has most likely already received beatings like that before from her parents or her boyfriend. I hope this child is some where safe if DHS gives her this little boy back then charges should be filed against DHS. I pray for this little boy and a little help from GOD he can put this behind him.

    • Dr. JohnS

      Thank you for your post, I am sure there are many reasons why she could have done this. Does not make it right any any possible way. I just hope the child makes a full recovery. Thank goodness we humans are made in such a way that about the age of 7 our memories are wiped out. He has a chance to start over and not remember.

  • why?

    no reason to beat up a kid almost to death for a grade bad parenting shame shame shame. maybe she was punished that same way as a child or probably has thyroid issue or anger problems.

  • zavier prince

    Come to find out Thats my god children brother. Smh. People need to get they’re life together

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