Police Car Stolen With Keys Still Inside

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(Memphis) A man charged with stealing a Memphis Police Department squad car and leading officers on a chase did not make his first court appearance Monday.

Instead, Marcus Hill remained locked up for a pending mental evaluation.

Memphis Police remain tight-lipped about how Hill managed to jump into a squad car and take off with it.

Although the police aren't talking, other people are, especially about how police tell you not to keep your car running when you're not in it, but that is exactly what one officer did on Saturday.

Denise Grant said, "They shouldn't leave their keys in the car but they have the right to leave their keys in the car you know their police officers. They are a person of the law, so."

After the hour-long chase across Memphis, police caught Hill.

But Grant says there are too many chances for criminals to steal a squad car.

"[I see them] parked on the side, you know, taking a break or whatever," Grant said.

WREG spent the last 48 hours asking police about their policies, but they haven't given any answers.

Hill's family says he's mentally ill and hope getting arrested gets him the help he needs.


  • dada

    Heck I’m thinking this people show no respect for the law and this individual desperate/whatever know’s no respect for the law? Granted the vehicle was taken but at least this post was about this and not some random carjacking with infant in back seat. Face it folks Memphis is dangerous!

  • Julie SaintClair

    Someone’s in trouble! He’ll never make that mistake again. It probably happens a lot though.

  • Hard Truths

    Let him keep the squad car. Give him a badge, a gun, and a uniform.

    He won’t be any worse than what we already have.

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