Hair Clippers Used To Conceal Contraband In Jail

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(West Memphis, AR) It’s a new one for law enforcement.

"They get very creative,” Crittenden County Chief Mike Callender said.

The latest creation was drugs smuggled into the Crittenden County Jail inside electric clippers.

"They open the back of the clippers and there are all sorts of dead spots and cavities in there and they will put small bags of marijuana, tobacco, and that sort of thing and they are still fully functional with all that stuff in there,” he said.

Callender said the plan unraveled quickly for a trio hoping to get marijuana and tobacco to an inmate.

He told us the inmate was on the phone with one of the suspects and discussed it all on a recorded phone call.

"We heard all of this telling them how to put it in, what to put in, the whole nine yards,” he said. “So when they brought it, in we got it.”

They arrested Gregory Young, Jennifer Mooney and a minor for the crime.

We wanted to ask them what they were thinking.

Mooney wasn’t home, but she talked to us by phone.

"I'm not that stupid,” she said. “I’m not stupid enough to do that.”

She says she did take the clippers to the jail but says her best friend set her up and asked her to drop off clippers with the drugs inside.

She claims she had no idea they were there.

“It never crossed my mind anything was in there,” she said.

Her best friend and the other suspect, Young, didn’t want to talk to us when we stopped by their homes.

Now the three face felony charges and law enforcement has learned a new place to search in the future.


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