Ten People Shot On Mother’s Day In Memphis

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(Memphis) Some are calling for tougher gun laws after ten people were shot in Memphis in the early morning hours of Mother’s Day.

“Right now if a guy gets caught with a gun, it's  just like getting a traffic ticket,” said Delvin Lane, the leader of 901 Bloc Squad. “We got to make it a little tougher than that.”

Two people are in critical condition from two separate shootings in Midtown and Hyde Park in North Memphis.

The first shooting injured three people and in the second incident, seven people were shot.

Police say the man who shot three people at a party hall on Jefferson turned himself in right after the shooting.

The violence that happened in North Memphis has left police without suspects.

“We were on the porch when it happened. It was down there,” said Shawn Quez Clark, a 17-year-old who witnessed the shootings on Shasta.

No teenager should have to see this type of violence.

“It sounded like Iraq,” said Clark.

“I was so scared. I ran and I was under the bed,” said Clark’s 19-year-old friend.

For these north Memphis teens, gun shots are a way of life.

The 19-year-old, who didn’t want to give his name, is recovering himself from a gunshot wound.

“I was in the crossfire,” he said.

At 2:15 a.m., the teens said they saw men with what they described as 'assault' rifles coming out of the bushes next to their house on Sashta.

They told us the men started shooting at other men outside the 108 Club.

In the end, seven people were shot. One is in critical condition.

“What do you think about the fact that people in Memphis are just shooting each other?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“I don’t know. It’s crazy. I am ready to move out of town,” said the 19-year-old.

“We used to fight it out. Fight with your friend, dust it off and go get a popsicle together. Now if you fight, you might die,” said Lane.

Lane of the 901 Bloc Squad is working with the mayor of Memphis to reduce gun violence.

He is a former gang member who has since found a better way of life, and now responds to shootings to try and talk peace into both sides, “We just want to love on the guys and see what is going on and ask them, 'When will it stop? If you shoot again, and someone else shoots again, it’s never going to stop until everybody is dead.”

“There were folks coming from those bushes right there with guns. They were reloading and everything. The police came so late,” said Clark.

Police have made no arrests and the 19-year-old said no one has been arrested in the shooting that injured his arm almost three weeks ago.

“It was very painful,” he said.

“You got shot how many times?” asked Hall.

“One time with a shot gun,” he said.

The teens told us they want to see more police officers patrolling their Hyde Park neighborhood. Lane wants to see more hope in our young people, and less guns on our streets.

“They don’t think tomorrow exists,” said Lane.

Lane said he doesn’t know where young people are getting their guns.

He belives tougher penalties for having illegal guns would help young people think twice about carrying them.

As for the shooting at De-Nhat Bida & Cafe on Jefferson where three people were injured, police say Hiep Pham turned himself in after the shooting, saying he shot at four people who were chasing him.

He hit three of them with bullets, leaving one in critical condition.

He’s charged with four counts of aggravated assault.


  • Paul

    What do you expect? The mayor refuses to support police and apparently doesn’t want anymore on the street. Maybe if he would give them some money instead of cutting everything they need then this stuff wouldn’t happen! Can mayors be impeached?! Cause this one needs to be!

  • midsouthman

    OH WOWWW!!! Does anyone see the crime on tape? These thugs are playing Craps for Cash with kids around..and you have it on tape!!! Does anyone there at WREG know this is illegal???
    Even your reporter and camera person is breaking the law by not reporting illegal gambling on a front porch in Memphis?? Whay the hell is wrong with this picture??/

    • Lonzo BRADLEY

      S. Hall wasting her time talking to some thugs who are gambling in front several small kids . Hall need a couples days off for that report. Police dept. need to go arrest them thugs they got the crime on tape . The gun laws are just find they need to be enforced and the Cy don’t care about nothing but making a few dollars off the poor people in Memphis. The thugs don’t need a voice in Memphis. We know where the gamblers are located so reports on the homeowners who are allowing the crime( gambling )Hall you need a lessson on reporting crime and news

    • Kevin

      you are one stupid person … you should have been the first to caught a bullet. Its always the wrong ones that get shot. Now if they can shoot and kill people like you it would make this place a whole lot better to live in. They should arrest your mom for aborting the such as yourself ….

      • mr matt

        yes we need a crackdown on trolls and stop with all these racist arrest made on the shooters….typical denier…hopeless

      • Gerald

        Black on Black crime is out of control Kevin. If that hurts your feelings tough. Memphis has half the population of Utah but twice as many murders…I wonder why? Utah is mostly white, that is why Kevin.

      • Gerald

        Kevin is a text book example of poor grammar skills. A product of the MCS, would be my guess.

      • ICallsEmLikeISeesEm

        Hey Kevin, you absolute genius, … how about if the shooters all shoot each other, and leave the non shooters out of their jungle spats?

  • 1midtownmike

    Please do judge these people. According to Dr. JohnS, the shooters and the folk playing Craps for Cash “deserve respect and should be treated with dignity.” They are all children of God whose dna comes from a third world tribeswoman in Africa.

    Just what have all of naysayers done to find the positive element in these shootings that make Memphis a better home?

    • Gerald

      Ten that made the news….ask any ER worker at The MED…most shootings and stabbings never make the news unless the victim dies.

  • Bradley Mccain

    The police are too busy clubbing themselves to do anything about the violence at these places. Look at all the policeman in bike gangs.

  • Terrie

    Wow. This is just sad. Not surprising but just plain sad. Channel 3 can’t arrest those boys for playing craps. They do that and they will be tight lipped for now on. Someone saw who did the shooting…they just don’t have the nads to say so. Until THESE people start stepping up & p[pointing that finger, it’ll never stop. As for the lack of cops. I’m to the point of asking “Whats the point in arresting them?” They’ll be out before we get outta bed. The guy that turned himself in is ALREADY out on bail! WHY? The HOW isn’t the point. WHY is the point. So why should cops go risk their lives for these punks only to see them on the streets by their next shift!! THAT’S the problem. I say let the cops do their jobs, pop a cap in them and start digging.

  • NCOWife2isaCUNT

    10 people shot. They were probably talking about that one neighborhood. NCOwife was probably the shooter. She is mad at everyone on here. She will probably go postal. John S has he moved back to Chicago? I hope so. Memphis the city that will keell you.

  • AmericaiIsNowARathole

    I am in my late 60’s and over my life I have seen this nation destroyed. Mainly from LBJ and his Great Society giveaways. Added to by Democrats over the last 50 years. Free food with the EBT, almost free housing with the Section 8. Free medical care if you have kids with WIC and TNCare. Free cell phones. Free money if children out of wedlock and dont know who the baby daddy is. And there are many other programs provided by the state, food banks, 3 meals at school, clothing, you name it. And what must one do to receive this assistance? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! I read of the NEW multitudes of programs over the years because of the poverty and poor education. No one is going to ever go to work, get off the streets until they have to start EARNING these gimmes. Who in hades is going to hire a 19 year old school dropout with a 7th grade education and 3 felonies? When anyone mentions getting training, providing a service for society, even just checking in once a week for classes up from the ghettos come the race hustlers. They scream racist, they scream it is demeaning, it is humiliating to make people do menial tasks for their gimmes. 50 years of this insanity and it is only getting worse, the country is sinking into a debt that cannot be repaid, and no one is able to stop it. These crimes do not surprise me, what surprises me is why there is even one tax paying, law abiding, working citizen residing in Shelby County.

      • AmericaisARathole

        It will take more than words from a racist to make this old coot die. I just shake my head when I hear the plight of the poor people. You see I am the oldest of 5 kids of a sharecropper from Lauderdale County born in the 40’s at home since no hospital in the county. No running water, just a pump with a bucket and tote it. Milk the cow twice a day. Feed the chickens, eggs in the jar on the front porch, bad ones float to top. Boil milk, skim it, churn the butter. Hoed that cotton, blacks and whites together. Picked tomatoes, okra, and cotton. Shelled them purple hull peas, and canned the vegetable for winter. Bath in a tub on the back porch and one pair of new shoes a year. No heat and air, GOD HELP ME it is a miracle I am alive. we didnt even have electricity. Coal oil lamps, coal burning heater, and wood burning stove. Ate them squirrels, rabbits and raccoons and lots of fish. Slaughter a hog once a year and a real ice box with 2 wooden doors on the bottom to put it in. Moved to Memphis when I was about 12 and went to Treadwell. I sure wish Treadwellhad air conditioning coz opening those windows didnt relieve the heat very much.Mu Dad bought first television when I was 13 and a window air conditioner when I was 17, one year before I went in the Army for my 2 years. Went to a segregated school in Memphis but no segregation in the country. Hell I didnt even know I was poor until I moved to Memphis. Guess that segregation was my fault too? Heck fire I know my Daddy caused it coz he was such a racist he shared all our food in the community, blacks and whites. Always loved it when chores were done since I could grab that 410 single shot shotgun or my fishing pole and enjoy myself. Get some quail evey now and then dont ya see. Wasnt any food stamps, secion 8, WIC,TnCare or none of this other garbage and for the life of me I cant ever remember anyone starving to death. People sure as hell werent shooting each other either (Certainly not 10 in a day). People also wouldnt have taken a government handout under any circumstances. I do appreciate your wishing me to die but that day is between me and God. I can tell from your hateful statement that you are a fine representative of the human race however.

  • AmericaiIsNowARathole

    I forgot to post what LBJ said after passing all these giveaways. He stated I got the black vote (black is not the word he used) tied up for the Democrats for the next 200 years. How ya like that America, old LBJ took your tax dollars and bought the vote of the AFRICAN-american population for the next 200 years. Better not say anything because he took more tax dollars and hired government goons to put a bullet in your head if you oppose it. How in the world do you blame the young blacks in this city for committing these crimes? It is all they know. Their mother never had a job, their grandmother never had a job, they will never have a job, and the majority dont have a clue who their daddy is. You can bring in 700 new companies and not a damned thing will change, this is the culture and way of life for these people. It is not about society, jobs, being responsible and part of the American fabric, it is about skin color and skin color only. It is the elephant in the room and NO ONE will admit it is there and certainly will not discuss it. Everyone knows the problem but there is just too much money for all these charities, grants for the organizers, brainwashing by the schools, and it is only going to get worse. Anyone want to debate that? We all know it, yet we watch as they vote enmass for those of color who think exactly as they do, yet scream we have to do something about the crime. I swear it is like a bad dream that we will never awaken from. Everyone knows the cure but instead of curing it we just keep spreading the disease.

    • ICallsEmLikeISeesEm

      Yep, we have legions of underemployed brain surgeons roaming the alleys of the Memphis ghettos shooting anything that gets in their way.

      These underemployed critters just need to find suitable employment and everything will settle down.

      Now, where are they hiring surgeons in Memphis???

    • It's God's Will

      I read all of that nonsense you just posted, and you know what? The reason why this city is so bloody awful is because of people like YOU! Do you realize how many well educated, extremely talented, young people are leaving Memphis as I type this? (both black & white) They can’t gain a foothold to make anything happen for Memphis or themselves because of selfish old fossils like you! It’s not the Democrats, it’s not section 8, it’s not even the the fault of the heathens who are terrorizing the streets of Memphis because they are too poor to leave. IT’S YOU! I’m not going to go on a page long rant either to explain your indiscretions, which you pretty much already know what you are responsible for.

      • AmericaisNowARAthole

        Oh PLEASE PLEASE tell me how this crime is my fault. How getting up and going to work every day for 50 years, paying my taxes, frequenting the stores and establishments in this city, without so much as EVER getting even a parking ticket has caused a black man to pick up a gun and shoot someone. Tell me what on earth I did to cause the kids to drop out of school and commit these felonies. I would like to know how it is my fault that these kids are getting impregnated knowing they will be rewarded by the government for their criminal immoral lifestyle. While you are at it, please inform my Mother, Father, brothers, sisters, and cousins, who have led the same lifestyle, never been jailed, responsible contributing members of society are to blame for this plague that has been brought upon this city. Tell me why in my younger days when we were poor and lived on Tully, Barrett Pl, Kney, Chelsea, Breedlove, and could walk the streets at night and feel and be safe that it is my fault these streets are now war zones. I can hardly wait for your left wing racist logic to spew forth giving me your reasons for me causing this. I await your earliest reply. I am on the edge of my seat awaiting your victim mentality as to how it is ALWAYS somebody elses fault for an individuals actions.

      • Gerald

        People black and white are leaving this city because black on black crime is rampant and they don’t want to get shot or stabbed to death. And It is not my fault. I work and pay taxes and my kids don’t roam the streets at night looking for trouble. I raised them better. And my color has NOTHING to do with anything. Memphis a cesspool of young thugs. Just the truth. If you are smart, you will move your loved one’s out as soon as possible.

  • ICallsEmLikeISeesEm


    “Black on Black crime is out of control Kevin.”

    Black on Black????

    How about just … “Black crime is out of control”?

  • Taylor

    My mom tried to moved away from all that madness about 8 years ago to Mississippi now the crime from Memphis is spilling over the border into Mississippi because they are moving here and ruining what used to be a nice place to live. Once I’m done with college, I’m moving further south to get the hell away from Memphis.

    • ICallsEmLikeISeesEm

      You’d be exercising very good judgment doing just that Taylor.

      There’s not much chance of anything changing in this area. Take a look at the demographics and the trends.

      Wise move putting some distance between you and Memphis.

      • Taylor

        Young Lady* and I’m black also. Not all of us are ‘bad’ and violent. I’m not trying to escape blacks but the violence … And as far as moving up North, I’ll pass. I love the South and don’t plan on leaving unless I have no other choice.


    Crime in general is out of control. Black on black crime is exceedingly worse. Just a fact!!! However, there is no need to point fingers at an particular race, as caucasin, mexican, and other races have their share of incidents and murders as well. We should all just pray for better days and stricter laws to be enforced. The blame game has never solved any issue , only create more anger and hostility to a already sensitive and troubled society.no race are better than the other, for in the end we are all humans and have to answer for our own actions!! From a black man…. we are not all idiots or indulge in foolery.

    • Chris

      That’s always your solution, to pray…the praying’s not working I hate to break it to you. God’s not going to sweep down and eradicate the ghetto rats….you pray for strength to get rid of them yourself, God is not some robot on demand.

  • Chris

    Let’s take this wonderful opportunity to give thanks for the great contributions of the Black community to our society. Their peaceful and generous nature make them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture! Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people. Real estate values are fueled by the mix of Blacks into an area due to their caring and respectful nature of these communities, an example of all they have achieved through their enthusiasm for self improvement by hard work and a self-reliant can-do nature. And we certainly must not forget their abhorrence for crime and their dedication to observing the law. Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer as a nation…….NOT!!!!

  • Don

    Question : ‘When will it stop?

    Answer : Just as soon as the idiots that keep voting AC Wharton for mayor, and Tony Armstrong is fired.

    Comment : It wont get any better until they both are gone.

  • It's God's Will

    Hey Chris, who do you think would be invited to a meeting with important people who really count? this guy in the video, or a nobody internet warrior like yourself?

  • It's God's Will


    At that job you talk about, or jobs, how many people of color worked at them in management positions. All those places you lived at in the past, what color were your neighbors? Did you hear much on many of the news channels about Thaddeus “Thad” Jones III, the black youngster who graduated from Whitehaven High School with about a million dollars worth of scholarship offers from universities around the country in 2013? No, of course you didn’t. HIS KIND OF PEOPLE CAN NEVER BEEN SEEN IN A POSITIVE LIGHT, right? You see you and people of you generation are the worst kind of racist, the kind that hides behind the veil of righteousness. YOU NEVER DO ANYTHING WRONG. It’s the Democrats, section 8 housing program, ANYTHING to validate your closeted racism. I don’t feel like I should have to explain anything to you. You know what the problem is, you are just too proud or arrogant to admit it.

    • AmericaisNowARAthole

      I give you my opinion of what the core cause of crime and the breakdown of society is and as usual I get the race card thrown at me. Doest work on me you sanctimonious bigotted hypocrite. You see I started out sweeping floors at a Memphis company that employed both blacks and whites. Worked my way up to vice-president after 25 years. I have numerous black friends and and have some of them over 40 years. I know their children, their parents, and their grand children. Not a one of them ever called themself an African-American. Their families are and always have been nice fine people. I have been to their houses starting in the early 70’s when they lived in Orange Mound, Dallas, and Marchneil. I lost some WHITE friends due to my association with them back in the 70’s. This was when Orange Mound was a nice community, flowers in the yard, and kids getting butt whipped with a belt just as I did. Some of them now live in Collierville, some in Senatobia, and some fled the area yet we still keep in touch. Matter of fact my two long posts, parts of it came straight from their mouths. Over the years we have argued over race, some heated, but we always remained friends. On the other hand bigots like you scream racism, immediately think racist, when the TRUTH hits you in the face. You didnt dispute my post, you offered no opinion, no solution, you got mad and attacked. Want some RACISM? Obama said Republicans can join him but they have to ride in the back of the bus. Want some more Obama demeaning white Christians:bitter little people clinging to their guns and religion. Little more? Sits in Rev Wrights church listening to racist rants for 20 years but the liar never heard anything about the good Rev making racist remarks about whites. How about Harold Ford after Herenton was elected? Gonna be blood in the streets if Herenton loses. Ford again talking about the east memphis WHITE DEVILS. Herenton saying ya dont like it then leave. They did. People like YOU are the problem, excuses and throw out that race card and you think people are going to slither away. You have run into the wrong white man with that garbage. Have a nice day bigot.

      • It's God's Will

        “bitter little people clinging to their guns and religion….”

        He could not have stated it better! What a smart man Obama is. He can explain everything, even why things took so long to get done in both his terms as president in so few words……

        Like I said, your kind is NEVER responsible for anything.

  • NCOWife2isaCUNT

    Mike you are right and crack me up. Actually that goes for several of you. Y’all have hit the truth on the head. The Africans can’t get that Jungle fever out of them.

    • seven

      why do republicans keep kidnapping each others children and holding them hostage for 20 years rap, tourture and abuse them. seems like one crime is no worse than the other. its’ all abuse of life.

  • mm

    we need something for these ppl to do they have taking away everything and they arrest ppl for small things instead of the real crime

  • Shantelle

    Memphis is becoming thug central, it has the traditional urban ghettos. It has nothing to do with the guns. If they didn’t have guns they would just beat each other with sticks and people get stabbed all the time. It’s the culture, the mentality and the lack of any morality, not the inanimate object, that are killing people in Memphis.

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