Will Beale Street Landing Be Worth The Expense?

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(Memphis) The Informed Sources have been talking about this $43 million project for months on this program.

The Riverfront Development Corporation responds, but have they silenced the skeptics?


  • Hard Truths

    That depends on what you were really ATTEMPTING to accomplish.

    It is a disgraceful and corrupt boondoggle. Next question.

  • smith

    Let me think! Was mud island worth the expense? Was the pyramid worth the expense? Was the downtown mall worth the expense? All turned out to be white elephants this river front project will be the same. Who! in there right mind would want to see concrete and steel on a river front. I just want to know who got all the money from this and the other projects?

  • Gerald

    And to think that tax money could be used for the Memphis Fire Dept and the Memphis Police Dept. But no, some politicians lined their pockets instead. Pathetic mismanagement of money, Memphis is slowly becoming Detroit. Good job guys.

    When you cannot control crime, the middle class move away from the city…..every single time.

    I moved my family out of Memphis and I never have regret that decision.

  • Dr. JohnS

    Nothing in downtown will be worth it until the crime problem is addressed. I was hoping to have a nice restaurant over looking the water where I could take my wife. Unfortunately that did not happen. With the crime what it is downtown it is doubtful I would take her at night any way.

  • why?

    They didn’t know much about the project, why did they start it? I wonder what will happen when the misissippi river floods like the past years.

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